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SPIRITUAL  LIFE   about worship --- F15;   the love of God; devotion; maturity in faith; trials; grace; peace and joy; holiness;  communion;  charity,  service;  the Lord's glory and praise;  etc. 

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WELCOME HERE FRIENDS!   It is hoped you will find this site to be very helpful, and will see the INDEX for many papers on Bible truths to help. 
All questions and comments are welcome and held confidential  (send e-mail:    This web site is non-sectarian ministry to encourage the reading of God's Word, and for serious seeking after truth.  It values God's work of revival in the early 1800's, with which it is associated, and urges readers to learn about it (see Church Truth page and Feature pages above). It is always the desire and hope here to obey and honor our Lord, and encourage and seek the spiritual welfare of all people.  WE NEED TO SERVE AS  "ONE BODY" IN  CHRIST in the world (note 1 Cor. 12:25)!   No thought here is to condemn personal faith,  for each  one must look to God in their personal life,  but  this speaks to the ESSENCE of biblical  Christianity,  which is  BIBLE  ONLY  ---apart from man's reasonings and innovations;  and   addresses   Redemption Way;  Church Truth;  Spiritual Life;  and Bible overview  to maintain the balance in the faith.  It is what God has intended for  His collective testimony in this world.  We need "all the counsel of God" as God enjoins us,  and we need to encourage all souls to embrace all these things.

Everyone may participate in the ministry of this web site, by telling their friends to visit here.  We hope all will find some ministry to help, and perhaps a nice challenge for their faith. Surely "the time is short", as God says, and surely we need to also "be about (our) Father's business".  See the message and testimony at Site Manager Page.  The writer does not have all answers, but will be glad to share what has been learned over many years.  Questions and contrary views in a helpful way are appreciated.
NOTE:   Papers and comments here are changed periodically, and are personal convictions.  Serious seekers after CHURCH  testimony might well see Christian Assembly pages: F4 & F5 here.    There are many pages for help and encouragement --- SEE INDEX ABOVE FOR A BIBLE STUDY --F8.   The manager may not have answers for all questions, but is glad to share what he has and be of some help. He is not perfect and revisions and updates seem needed at times to clarify thoughts, so one might note the revision date on any papers they wish to copy.  Any copies made should not be altered or taken out of context.  Any questions are welcome, and we can only share what we feel led to send forth for consideration --may God help us! 

   "A true  and faithful believer in the Lord Jesus Christ,  will walk with Him in trust and  devotion;  and talk with Him daily, until 
that day when one can see Him and be with Him  forever, in the Father's house  in Heaven."    ----RLD  
Meditate On All  F Series Above
The Lord Jesus said:  "search the Scriptures;  for in them ye think ye have eternal life;  and they are that which testify  of Me" (John 5:39) --- note His further statements as a caution, and our hope.

Some Thoughts For Scriptural Assembly

It is of much importance that a local Christian assembly be part of the universal Christian testimony as God established, and not sectarian and of various denominated sects as pleases men ---which sadly there are hundreds of them. God speaks of "unity of the faith""one body" universal; "of one accord";  "rightly dividing the Word of Truth", etc. (as Acts 15:22-23; Romans 12:5 and 16:5 and verse 16; 1 Cor. 12:25-27;  and noting 2 Cor. 3:1; Galatians 1:2; Eph. 4:3 and verse 13; Phil. 2:28-29; Col. 4:15-16; Heb. 13:24; 1 Peter 5:13-14; etc.). ​

Over the years various teachings began to form various interpretations of Scripture by prominent religion teachers, which set forth various religious groups after the departure of the Apostles. This continued until about 500 AD when the religious force of the Roman Catholic Religion was formed, which had gained control of public testimony, and claimed they alone know the full Apostolic teachings, and are the only authority ---which they pressed by laws and supportive corrupted government leaders, to build a religious empire. There power placed most Christian groups in danger of harm and death; and forced many into hiding to have their Bible readings and fellowship. 

After God brought forth the 'Reformation' time in circa 1500 AD ---which was to restore the GOSPEL message of salvation, by a strong community uprising, God made an end to the tyranny of the Roman Catholic Religion (though the basic religion continues today with its hierarchy of rulers who have many inventions and innovations to the Word of God). Many denominated sects began to develop following the Reformation time, though copying much of what they learned under the RCR control for many years. The sectarian choices continue, but God's move to revive CHURCH TRUTH with the so-called 'Brethren Movement' of circa 1800 AD in Ireland ---holding to Bible-only and "unity of the faith" universal, began some recovery of God's intent for His Church as one universal body in the world as shown. Many seekers today do not know of this revival.

​Would a true saint of God want to be among that company of Bible-only believers in the worldwide fellowship --as has continued to this day? This too, has had divisions as some souls sought liberal ideas or severe limitations (as Satan is always working to corrupt or destroy God's testimony) . One needs to see the original recovery fellowship of 1827 AD, which has continued in the world to be "rightly dividing the Word of Truth" and holding "all the counsel of God", as God enjoins us in our Holy Bible.  Satan is yet ever working to divide and scatter God's saints ---'sanctified ones'. 

--A Proper Assembly Service--

Much can be stated about this order of Christian service and fellowship, but in brief let us also look some at function within a local gathering of the universal body. There needs to be "oversight" as Scripture clearly teaches, and by "Elders" as God has ordained, which are two or three Godly experienced brothers who are gifted in Scripture, know the history, are known to be Godly, faithful, honorable, helpful; and are holding to "all the counsel of God" and be "...rightly dividing the Word of Truth" as God enjoins us. They must be considered and consulted about matters that arise,  and they must be the final authority locally in that Assembly, after all the gathered saints have shared their thoughts. Other known and respected Elders in other gatherings of this worldwide testimony, might be consulted as to any thoughts too; and all other gatherings in the universal fellowship need to know if there is disorder and errant ways. The local gathering decides what the course must be for them in fellowship, and essential scriptural truth must be recognized by all saints in the universal fellowship for unity ---all in accord with God's Word. God expects "unity of the faith" as He said; and as shown in all of the Holy Bible Epistles.

There are no preachers in charge as the only voice, and all the "born again" brothers gath-ered after their acceptance to the fellowship, can minister in studies and preaching, as the various type meetings are set (note the priesthood of the saints as shown in 1 Peter 2:5 and 9); which speaks of both holy unto God and before God, and unto the world as royal represent-atives --both a HOLY AND ROYAL priesthood are set forth.  The sisters, as shown in Scrip-ture do not preach and speak and pray forth, but can otherwise also sing aloud, pray silently, and serve in many ways to support the testimony, and be of much encouragement to all among the gathering, as Scripture teaches us.   Some brothers have gift as 'shepherds' --pastors; some are able 'teachers'; some are 'deacons' --essential workers, etc.

On Lord's Day --first day of the week, a meeting might be held early for a Gospel message of salvation for children, and any visitors;  then begin a BIBLE STUDY for all the adults (with some sisters in Christ taking young children aside for special teaching). The LORDS SUPPER (often called 'breaking of bread' ---'remembrance meeting') should be held on Lord's Day later by the known saints (as in Matthew 26:17 and 26-29; Mark 14:22-24; Luke 22: 7-20; 1 Cor. 11:23-29;  and any visitors present may observe until they seek to be received into the fellowship to partake of it.  GOSPEL MEETINGS to invite the public and all interested ones might be set on the Lord's Day, for seekers to come and learn of salvation of our eternal soul and redemption truth for Heaven;  and weekly PRAYER MEETINGS might be held later in the week for those who wish to come.

Visiting full-time servants commended forth to share ministry from their experiences world-wide may be given a special gathering at times. Happy, Godly fellowship for times together ---universal conferences held in some cities; outings and camps for young people, etc. are quite helpful. Would a faithful saint value such a fellowship?  Inquire herein! 
--RLD: Cd; 05/2021.  
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