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REDEMPTION  WAY   about Heaven; salvation (gospel);  eternal life; blessing; our course; judgments; the Lord's sacrifice, reign, kingdom, glory and purposes; etc.

CHURCH  TRUTH  about baptism; the  gathering  of believers;  the collective  testimony; obedience; a Godly path;  the Lord's glory  and honor; etc. 

SPIRITUAL  LIFE   about worship; the love of God; devotion; maturity in faith; trials; peace and joy; holiness;  communion;  charity,  service;  the Lord's glory and praise;  etc. 

GENERAL MINISTRY  about the Creator-God; Trinity; Bible overview; God's plan; Bible subjects;  the OT & NT; Christianity; sects and cults;  God's honor; etc.

SPECIAL THOUGHTS  about life; some viewpoints;  letters; information; etc.

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                              Established 2000 A.D.
Holding forth the Word of life  - Phil. 2:16
Holding fast the 
faithful  Word   - Titus 1:9
  See thoughts about God's recovery of church truth for His testimony and our pathway as believers, from that revival of 1827 AD shown herein 
at Christian Pathway page, and also the Christian Assembly page.  
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INDEX Of Subjects

F1 -God's Ways  (Plan For Man)
F2 -Gospel Message
F3 -New Believers
F4 -Christian Assembly
F5 -History & Records
F6 -Bible Truth Publishers
F7 -Trials & Blessings
F8- Word Of God (a Bible study method)
F9 -Practical Subjects
F10 -Christian Pathway (Gatherings)
F11 -Sects & Cults
F12 -Conditions & Comments
F13 -Center Circle
F14 -Bible Fundamentals  (Fundamentals Of Faith;  Readings)
F15 -Worship & Devotion 

WELCOME HERE FRIENDS!   It is hoped you will find this site to be very helpful.  All questions and comments are welcome and held confidential (e-mail:    This web site is non-sectarian ministry to encourage the reading of God's Word, and for serious seeking after truth.  It values God's work of revival in the early 1800's, with which it is associated, and urges readers to learn about it (see Church Truth page and Feature pages above). It is always the desire and hope here to obey and honor our Lord, and encourage and seek the spiritual welfare of all people.  WE NEED TO SERVE AS "ONE BODY" IN  CHRIST (note 1 Cor. 12:25)!  No thought here is to condemn personal faith,  for each one must look to God in their personal life, but  this speaks to the essence of  biblical Christianity --BIBLE-ONLY, apart from man's reasonings and innovations, and addresses Redemption Way; Church Truth; Spiritual Life; and Bible overview.  It is what God has intended for  His collective testimony in this world.  We need "all the counsel of God". 

Everyone may participate in the ministry of this web site, by telling their friends to visit here. We hope all will find some ministry to help, and perhaps a nice challenge for their faith. Surely "the time is short", as God says, and surely we need to also "be about (our) Father's business".  See the message and testimony at Site Manager Page.  The writer does not have all answers, but will be glad to share what has been learned over many years.  Questions and contrary views in a helpful way are appreciated.

Papers and comments here are changed periodically, and are personal convictions.  Serious seekers after church testimony might well see Christian Assembly pages: F4 & F5.    There are many pages for help and encouragement --- SEE INDEX ABOVE FOR A BIBLE STUDY --F8.   The manager may not have answers for all questions, but is glad to share what he has and be of some help. He is not perfect and revisions and updates seem needed at times to clarify thoughts, so one might note the revision date on any papers they wish to copy (set your print margins at .25). Any copies made should not be altered or taken out of context.

A true and faithful believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, will walk with Him and talk with Him daily, until that day when one can see Him and be with Him forever in the Father's house in Heaven.  - RLD, 12/09
An Outline By R. L.DeWitt
  The Holy Bible must be our ONLY authority for the Christian faith, and this requires our understanding of our Creator-God and His immutable Word to man, which is essentially showing the OLD TESTAMENT and NEW TESTAMENT as the complete testimony given for our good; beside the REVELATION as a summary and display of end-time events. 

A. The Creator-God gives His name as: "I AM" (Ex. 3:13-14) ---translated as "Jehovah" (Ex. 6:3; Psa. 83: 18) ---meaning: "EVER SELF-EXISTING ONE" and quite beyond our limited comprehension; and He states that He is a triune God: FATHER as originator of ALL things and mind of the God-head; the SON of the God-head as Savior of man's soul (God come down in the flesh John 14:6-11) when acknowledged, received, trusted, and the Lord of life for man for personal communion, blessings, and the PATHWAY TO GOD; and He is the HOLY SPIRIT of the God-head to dwell within the true saints of God (as Rom. 1:7; 1Cor. 1: 2; Col. 1: 2; Rev. 14:12; etc.) to teach, and guide man toward the mind and path of God. True "born again" believers (as John 1; John 3; John 14; etc.) have God with them forever, and a sure place in Heaven after life here below. 

B. The OT sets forth the revelation of God as the "Author and finisher of faith"  (note Genesis 1 and Isa. 45:18-22, and Hebrews 12:2, etc.);  the Creator and His works;  history of the world;  the covenant people of Israel by promise as an EARTHLY people; the course; and an overview of all time to follow as in the NT.

C. The NT shows salvation and hope for mankind in this new dispensation of Grace as a HEAVENLY people ("the bride" of Christ ---Rev. 22:17), if salvation is received (see 1 Jn. 5:10-12); and this by the four GOSPELS of salvation for man forever in Heaven if received and believed; also by the ACTS of the beginning of the CHURCH and ordination of the twelve Apostles to establish the CHURCH TESTIMONY in the world as we see today in Christ. God wants us to know His pathway to blessing for eternity.

D. The "unity of the faith" that God speaks of is our responsibility as "children of God" by the new birth (note at 1 Jn. 5:11-12), which is intended to also be "unity of the Spirit" without divisions among the saints (note Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12:25; etc.)  and sets forth the Church course in the EPISTLES ---i.e: from Romans through all the New Testament forward.  It speaks of our need of LIFE in Jesus, the Christ (anointed of God), worship of Him as shown, and being "of one accord" and "unity of the Spirit". Dividing into various Christian denominated sects, which has become so common, is opposing God's pathway and purpose, so we need to come to appreciate "all the counsel of God" and be "rightly dividing the Word of Truth" as enjoined to us by God. BIBLE-ONLY faith is committed to us, and we are to be reading the Word of God daily and worshipping our Lord Jesus as Savior and lord of our life (see His own desire in all of John 17). Thankfully there is such a testimony worldwide of BIBLE-ONLY, if one desires after it. A seeker can inquire to learn at the Internet site:;  and also at  
- RLD: Gd-B; 05/19