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REDEMPTION  WAY   about Heaven; salvation (gospel);  eternal life; blessing; our course; judgments; the Lord's sacrifice, reign, kingdom, glory and purposes; etc.

CHURCH  TRUTH  about baptism; the  gathering  of believers;  the collective  testimony; obedience; a Godly path;  the Lord's glory  and honor; etc. 

SPIRITUAL  LIFE   about worship; the love of God; devotion; maturity in faith; trials; peace and joy; holiness;  communion;  charity,  service;  the Lord's glory and praise;  etc. 

GENERAL MINISTRY  about the Creator-God; Trinity; Bible overview; God's plan; Bible subjects;  the OT & NT; Christianity; sects and cults;  God's honor; etc.

SPECIAL THOUGHTS  about life; some viewpoints;  letters; information; etc.

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Holding forth the Word of life  - Phil. 2:16
Holding fast the 
faithful  Word   - Titus 1:9
  See thoughts about God's recovery of church truth for His testimony and our pathway as believers, from that revival of 1827 AD shown herein 
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WELCOME HERE FRIENDS!   It is hoped you will find this site to be very helpful.  All questions and comments are welcome and held confidential (e-mail:    This web site is non-sectarian ministry to encourage the reading of God's Word, and for serious seeking after truth.  It values God's work of revival in the early 1800's, with which it is associated, and urges readers to learn about it (see Church Truth page and Feature pages above). It is always the desire and hope here to obey and honor our Lord, and encourage and seek the spiritual welfare of all people.  WE NEED TO SERVE AS  "ONE BODY" IN  CHRIST in the world (note 1 Cor. 12:25)!   No thought here is to condemn personal faith,  for each one must look to God in their personal life, but  this speaks to the ESSENCE of  biblical  Christianity, which is BIBLE ONLY, apart from man's reasonings and innovations;  and  addresses  Redemption WayChurch TruthSpiritual Life; and Bible overview to maintain the balance in the faith.  It is what God has intended for  His collective testimony in this world.  We need "all the counsel of God" as God enjoins us,  and we need to encourage all souls to embrace all these things.

Everyone may participate in the ministry of this web site, by telling their friends to visit here. We hope all will find some ministry to help, and perhaps a nice challenge for their faith. Surely "the time is short", as God says, and surely we need to also "be about (our) Father's business".  See the message and testimony at Site Manager Page.  The writer does not have all answers, but will be glad to share what has been learned over many years.  Questions and contrary views in a helpful way are appreciated.

Papers and comments here are changed periodically, and are personal convictions.  Serious seekers after church testimony might well see Christian Assembly pages: F4 & F5.    There are many pages for help and encouragement --- SEE INDEX ABOVE FOR A BIBLE STUDY --F8.   The manager may not have answers for all questions, but is glad to share what he has and be of some help. He is not perfect and revisions and updates seem needed at times to clarify thoughts, so one might note the revision date on any papers they wish to copy (set your print margins at .25). Any copies made should not be altered or taken out of context.

A true and faithful believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, will walk with Him and talk with Him daily, until that day when one can see Him and be with Him forever in the Father's house in Heaven.  - RLD, 12/09

Commentary By R. L. DeWitt

It appears that of all the truth in the Holy Bible, these verities listed are basic and essential ones in life for all souls to receive, for good understandings of God's world, His mind, our life, and care and blessings by our Creator-God who loves mankind; and for all souls to know something of the consequences of rejection or neglect ---note the following:

1) THE HOLY BIBLE IS THE IMMUTABLE WORD OF GOD FOR MANKIND, preserved by Him through the ages for man to know and value God's counsel, and His leading for man's blessings in life and for eternity; and to ignore it, add to it, or change it is to our peril. To cor-rupt it with various modern Bible versions as is happening frequently in recent years, to make it more simple and pleasing like a common story book, is truly harmful.  Promoting various ministry books by questionable writers of various sects is often diluting the real message, for God established HIS WORD in the sixty-six Books preserved for us. The CONCISE BIBLE DICTIONARY shows much of how the original manuscripts were preserved, and thus used to complete the King James Version --see pages 127, 797-806 therein. Many of us see the King James Version Bible ---studied by faithful scholars over 300-400 years, is more reliable. The use of esteemed study Bibles, such as the SCOFIELD STUDY EDITION OF THE KJV, and the KJV PARALLEL EDITION is recommended to help in learning God's meanings. These are available at Bible Truth Publishers, Addison, IL - USA. We must allow that all works of men will have a few errors, so the real test is earnest prayer that God will guide us in learning the essential messages in His full "Word of Truth" (Eph.1:12-13; 2 Tim.2:15).  

2) THE KNOWLEDGE AND ASSURANCE OF SALVATION OF OUR NEVER-DYING SOUL is imperative, and shown in God's Word as being real hope from an otherwise eternal condemnation in Hell ---which judgment is due to fallen mankind, who naturally lives in sin before our Holy Creator-God (see Gen. 2 & 3); and who thus need to be saved and with our God in Heaven forever in the afterlife, or perish (see John 1; John 3; John 14; 1 Jn. 5:10-13; etc. for an overview). Without God's "...beloved Son"---the Lord Jesus, the Christ of God in our heart, we will perish and have no eternal blessing in our Creator-God.

3) SOME UNDERSTANDING AND APPRECIATION OF GOD'S "EXCEEDING GREAT AND PRECIOUS PROMISES" (see 2 Pet. 1) of blessings and rewards in heaven one day, and God's care in this world by obedience to the Word of God; and trust and faithfulness to the Son of God, and honor to our Creator-God in our walk, and all of His ways while one is here on earth, is ESSENTIAL. We need to hold "all the counsel of God" and be "rightly dividing the Word of Truth" as told.  

  If one is going on without these extremely important verities, we must say that one is facing forfeiture, much regret and loss when he/she leaves this world ---and for those not saved ("born again" spiritually) it is eternal condemnation and suffering; thus we hope readers will seek to appreciate it and be often reading the New Testament of their Bible. This writer will be pleased to discuss this further if one would like to write to the address below.  

  Having set forth a fundamental statement here concerning eternal truth, let us now give some thought to what it means for us. This introductory statement is believed to be true, if one is accepting and clear about the Holy Bible as the full and infallible Word Of God; otherwise one has no legitimate standard to keep, and is left to their own ideas, and the philosophies and various religions of men. Is one "born again" and saved ---which speaks of the spiritual relationship with God ( as John 3:16; John 14:6)? Is one then going on faithfully according to God's Word? Faithfulness is not speaking of perfection, but a Godly walk and desire in service, and God looks on the heart. Having made the choice, let us proceed.

  There are at least four fundamental aspects of the Christian life by which we will surely be judged, as the Bible shows; and noting too that outside of true Christianity there will be final judgment called "damnation" (John 5:29), which is to eternal Hell-fire for lost souls who reject the Christ of God:  
> How we regarded the Son of God as God expects ---not by our reasoning;
> How we regarded the Word of God ---not our ideas, but as Scripture shows;
> How we regarded the Testimony of God ---value and serving as God’s intent for His stated truth;
> How we regarded the People of God ---as shown in God's immutable Word. 

  The ministry for us in the Bible seeks to set forth a faithful application of the Scripture, and one can also see something of this eternal truth and a Godly pathway explained at the biblical web site on the Internet:, if interested. Each month one will find, Lord willing, information and challenges there concerning the Bible in general and the following: 
REDEMPTION WAY ---the gospel message to all and way of salvation of the soul, God’s plan for man, the creative work, purposes, and reign of God and His glory;
CHURCH TRUTH ---an urgent need to obey and honor God, keeping His testimony by His Word and not traditions and innovations; and finding His pathway, gathering for the saints universal in "unity of the faith" worldwide, and honor to God in this world;
SPIRITUAL LIFE ---for worship, devotion and communion, joy, peace, and trust to honor God and meet the trials of life; and enjoy and share blessings in submission along our sojourn through this world.

  So, in summary, readers are encouraged to consider this ministry, prove it by the Word Of God, and earnestly pray that God will reveal Himself and His truth for blessings and hope. It is extremely important to commune with God ---not just say prayers. Let us not suppose that conformity to this world, our own vain reasoning, religious acts, or the ideas of men will suffice (note Phil. 3:9; 2 Tim. 1:9; Titus 3:5-6). The consequences of failure in such as shown herein is a critical matter to consider.    - RLD: GM53; 2008; add: 06/19