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 There seems to be three great spheres of Christian experience:  Redemption Way,  Church Truth, &
Spiritual Life  (John 14:6).  Most believers can ap-preciate redemption way and spiritual growth, but church truth seems to be much neglected.  We need to value "unity of the faith" and take "all the counsel of God" (Acts 20:27).
It is not required by God to be gathered in a scriptural assembly, but there is and will be blessing for saints to meet on that ground and  be part of a collective testimony worldwide, as God intended for His church, and by His revival of 1827 AD.  Faithful readers here can gain some understanding of such fellowship, and may desire to be associated to also express the "one body in Christ", embrace "all the counsel of God", and show forth "unity of the faith" by the "Word of Truth".  There is no such thing in the Bible as going to 'the church of your choice', as many believers say.   Write to the Site Manager for further understanding and to find a Scriptural fellowship.
CHURCH TRUTH  is about faithful compliance and conformity to what God intended in Acts 2: 41- 42 at the beginning of the church, and then the Epistles.  It speaks of obeying and honoring God collectively without innovations. One who is saved (Jn.3: 16) ought to follow the Word (see John 14:23-24; Jn.17:17; Titus 1:9; Phil. 2:2);  including baptism, the collective gathering locally, the collective testimony in the world; and obedience to the Word, a Godly walk, the Lord's glory and honor, etc.  A local gathering in accord with Scripture may be near to one to visit, if interested.

From time to time papers will be set forth here and on the Feature Pages herein, concerning various aspects of this truth.  We ought to love all saints everywhere and be a help, even if we cannot walk with all (Amos 3:3).    - RLD
NOTE: When we speak of a scriptural assembly we need to be prepared to show what it is biblically, and what it is not by the innovations of men. This writer feels free to invite inquiry on each issue or order of Scripture ---and distinguish between what men have invented (and often prefer), and what some of us are holding as true to God's Word and that recovery of 1827 AD. One might disagree, and that is a choice, but Scripture is quite plain as to what God has intended for His universal testimony in the world. One can write for help herein to find such a fellowship.  - RLD.
A View Observed

There are many kinds of 'House Meetings' in Christendom. The so-called 'CELL GROUPS' --as termed, are defined as those professing Christians in like-mind of a larger religion, that meet in homes at times for discussion of teachings given by their 'Mother' religion. That is different from what is GENERALLY termed: 'HOUSE MEETINGS'. 

A.  Some gathering places at a house/home are made available for professing Christians associated with a known 'denominated sect', which is too far from the larger place of their choice, so they meet with others of like-mind in a home; and also subscribe to the same format they like, with a strong preacher in charge of the ministry there, and hold similar innovations and practices of that sect;   and add whatever they choose as a local interest.  

B. There are gatherings in a home which claim to be Christian and seeking the good of all members and much liberty and privilege for faithful ones, but due to the practices developed by the organizers it becomes a religious sect for various doctrines adding interpretations to Bible verses ---some places as independency and more of a 'fun place' to gather; or it is a strict place that makes a secret society for privileged members as elite leaders, and strict rules for all members ---which some professing Christians accept and others flee.  Like all small gatherings they might grow large enough to acquire their own building (adding to the many sects of man in the world).  

C. There are Christian gatherings in homes (as well as their own buildings, when growing larger) holding to 'Bible-only', as "born again" saints, and APART from preferred carnal organization and hierarchy, as many Christians had learned from denominated sectarianism ---which descended from the RC religion in 1500 AD.  In circa 1800 AD a gathering of Bible scholars separated from the Reformation groups to recover Church Truth, as true to Holy Scripture and apart from the sectarian ideas; and sadly there have also been separation from them to form new ideas by carnal Christians. We all need "unity of the faith" as God tells us, and that must be BIBLE-ONLY and not religious ideas and preferences to please the flesh of men.   Such "born again" saints often meet in homes until growing large enough to need a building to accommodate the gathering. This fellowship seeks to continue that revival of 1827 AD worldwide, and earnest saints need to learn of it to be expressing the "one body" in Christ as enjoined by God;  and valuing the "holy" and "royal" priesthood of all saints as 1 Peter 2: 5 and 9 shows.  

D. If one is looking for a plain, Godly Bible-only gathering, that one then should visit a place clearly stating that, and inquire to see if it conforms to Holy Scripture, or adds things of men to uphold certain beliefs established there. 

This writer can share what he has been with for over 60 years, and it proves to hold well to BIBLE-ONLY as Scripture teaches. If it did not it would not be a worthy place to continue with in the little while we have here in this scene. We all should study to learn what GOD INTENDS for His testimony worldwide. This saint of God has been with a Godly Christian group meeting separate from sectarianism, and found over time there are others of that persuasion universal.  It is a worldwide fellowship of faithful gatherings which values "one accord" as God tells us. It has proved to go on in truth as a Bible-only fellowship without a name and religious ideas of men, but just known as 'Christians gathered to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ alone'.   One can learn of it at the Bible-only web site: BIBLECOUNSEL.NET or write to the publishing house: Bible Truth Publishers, Addison, IL -USA.

Keep looking up! --RLD: Cd; 04/2021.