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Some conditions or issues, letters, and thoughts here are shared for meditation by the gathered saints in a scriptural assembly.  This page is to set forth thoughts and information concerning those who especially value and practice that revival of 1827 AD, and responses are welcome.  It is not expected that everyone will agree with all things. Responders here might share other views to consider.   Send thoughts to the site manager directly at the e-mail shown here  (address:  Replies will be held confidential.  Thank you.  - R. DeWitt.  
Commentary By Robert DeWitt, 10/09 

God came down to man about 2,000 years ago in the Person of Christ for blessing, according to the Bible, but He was not received by this world (see John 1:1-14). He will come again as He said, but not as a lamb, rather as a conqueror and as the King in judgment. It will be too late then to receive Him for life, for " is the day of salvation" (2 Cor.6:2) as He declared. Today one can come to God by faith for hope eternal. Why should one do that? Well, since many serious seekers can see that there is indeed a Creator-God, and He would not leave man to wander and wonder in ignorance; and He declared in the Holy Bible that He will condemn souls to Hell who oppose and rebel against Him ---as all mankind naturally does (see John 3:16-17; John 3:35-36), we gladly accept His Holy Word as His message of hope.

It is often said: "we are living in the end times". In general this means that period since the time of Christ (the dispensation of grace --Eph.3:2), but what is often meant is the end of the end times. That may be this present day, and that dreadful time of The Tribulation will soon follow:

"Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom;
and there shall be earthquakes in divers places,
and there shall be famines and troubles;
these are the beginnings of sorrows" (Mark 13:8).

1. Prophetically this is the period today of church history known as "Laodicea" (the last one of seven shown in the Word of God), which means: people's rights or people rule (Rev.3: 14-18). This is that condition which is described as "neither cold nor hot" (mostly not against God nor for God, but mostly indifferent, unsure and unsettled, rejecting God's good standards, and promoting and indulging self); and in society will surely bring in anarchy and cripple government functions. In the church it is entertainment, religious reasoning, and general worldliness, with heresy and little regard for the Lord's honor, His testimony, and the spiritual welfare of the saints. It is seen among both loose and fundamental believers in the emphasis on pleasing men more than pleasing the Lord. A careful study of church history shows the end times also in other ways.  

2. We have been shown also that in the seven parables of Matthew 13 there is a picture of the church age, and much of it has occurred prophetically, leaving us at the end near to the judgment. In Acts 27 Paul's journey gives a further picture of the course of the church in his travels, and with verses 40-44 suggesting our present time, and God's promise of care for the saints, though the testimony is failing.  

3. The last few of the prominent God-fearing nations in the world, who nationally showed reverence for the Bible and honor for the Lord Jesus Christ, are now moving to disallow God to be preached, mentioned, or honored in public. Evil and wickedness is being approved and supported by societies and the government, and openly displayed; immorality is being allowed in schools and promoted in the media. Some people stand against this, but the fact that a large number of people are pressing for these things shows an ungodly trend toward a rejection of God and His Word, and moral breakdown in what has been some Christian nations blessed by God.

4. It has been suggested that perhaps Revelation 8:8-9 might be a prophetic picture of the end of one prominent and privileged nation. Consider the symbolism of the great mountain ---great nation, and consumed with fire ---judgment, and falling into the sea ---the masses of the ungodly sea of people under anarchy, with much suffering. We see in the Word of God that the world power will center in Europe when "the political beast" rises up there to rule this world, which may not be far off as those nations begin to merge. The stage is being set for change and judgment is surely coming. Thank God the church will then be gone home to be with the Lord, while God's wrath falls on this scene.

5. The so-called "terrorism" in the world today is not so much just "bad" nations seeking to advance their interests, as nations have always done, but seems to be a religious campaign ---an evil spirit in men which teaches hate and wickedness in their values, and openly opposes God. Crimes in our land are commonly more heinous and satanic than in past years where a God-fearing spirit prevailed. As mentioned before there are many voices ---not content to call themselves "Atheists", but are set on destroying all testimony of the Name and glory of Jesus Christ.

6. Some modern church groups are seen closing the Bible (or changing the words) and allowing the flesh, apostates, and the world to dictate their standards; and everywhere greater interest is being shown more for worldly pleasures than the standards set forth by God and upheld by the founding fathers. It is lamentable, but the saints should know the Holy Scriptures speak often of apostasy in the last days (e.g. 1 Tim. 4:1-3; Heb.3:12; Heb.10:26-27; 2 Pet. 2; and Jude). True believers need to stand fast, and "keep that which is committed to thy trust" (1 Tim.6:20).

7. One need only view the national and world news to see extremes in weather and climate (maybe a foretaste of more severe things to come) ;  and that "the god of this world (Satan)" is very active today in society to change our values from God to self, and to please and indulge the flesh, remove discipline and responsibility;  and we see the violence and wickedness increasing,  and with lower standards by governments and societies to always please and accommodate the lowest levels of human behavior, with their rights to offend all.

One wonders when the Bride of Christ will awaken and begin the cry: "come, Lord Jesus!" (Rev.22: 17-21).   

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