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Some conditions or issues, letters, and thoughts here are shared for meditation by the gathered saints in a scriptural assembly.  This page is to set forth thoughts and information concerning those who especially value Bible-only, and practice that revival of 1827 AD, and responses are welcome.  Our desire is to see all saints of God gathered in this worldwide fellowship to have "unity of the faith", as God desires.  It is not expected that everyone will agree with all things. Responders here might share other views to consider.  Send thoughts to the site manager directly at the e-mail shown here  (address:  Replies will be held confidential.  Thank you.  
- R. DeWitt.  
Divided Loyalties
[Letter to a Christian friend and adapted here to avoid references]  

Dear brother in the Lord:
  Your good letter was received and I read it carefully. I much appreciate your grace, and taking the time to carefully and thoughtfully respond. I don't find many Christians who share an interest in "unity of the faith".  

  I am always happy to meet sincere saints of God, who live in the blessed hope of our Savior's soon return; and who desire truth and "one accord" in our pathway. At the same time I thought we may not see unity between us, and it would be for much the same reason that the universal church is divided ---misplaced or misinformed loyalties.

  Even though we have a similar background in the Christian revival of the early 1800's, we are on different ground. A meeting in general scriptural form does not mean it is a meeting in truth. The enemy has not only divided the testimony by man's reasoning, but has brought in divided loyalties which hinders a quest for truth and recovery. Close friends, family, relatives, comforts, convenience, worldly fellowship, etc. are all part of the hindrance and justification; and this being as the saints everywhere play into Satan's work of opposition to God's testimony of "one body in Christ" in the world. I hope this is not true of you and I.

  As I followed your thoughts, I expected to see unscriptural reasoning, as with many I meet. I found instead my agreement with much of what you were saying. It was so refreshing from some correspondence I have had. It was only when you stated your happy association with that group that I thought it will probably end here.

  The fellowship I have been with for 33 years now, is small by some comparisons, but has kept track of divisions affecting us from 1827 AD, when God revived church truth which was lost after the apostolic period. I assume you took note of the brief summary on church history, which I sent last time, which showed the reasons some left to form a more pleasing group.

    We show the brother your sect is built upon, as teaching false doctrine in England and put out of fellowship there in 1890. He would not change and bow to God's government in the assembly, and went forth and set up a table of his own. That automatically puts that whole descending line of fellowship on divisive ground for not expressing the truth of the "one body" of Christ, "unity of the faith", etc. I have had to go through this same searching when I left the sect I was with years ago. How sad these things are. 

  You thought, dear brother, to connect the fellowship I am with to one of the historical divisions, but there have been many divisions since God's work of revival in the early 1800's, which we have stood against. We believe that for all our weakness and failure as individual believers, this collective testimony has maintained that good work of God from 1827. We can show these causes, and have not followed after men. 

  You also spoke of some believers among us that have joined your gathering. I recognized two you named that I know were properly disciplined among us for extreme sin before choosing to go out and join you.  God knows the heart. The fellowship I am with has assemblies in many of the cities you listed, and so we all go on in separation, sometimes just down the street from each other. Surely we will all be held accountable.

  It is heresy before God when one divides His testimony. We must bow to assembly decisions, and not go off and join (or start) a new thing because we disagree (see also Matt.18:16-18; Rom.12:3-10; 2 Cor. 10:12; Heb.13:17), which is how your fellowship has offended. Also, one must not second-guess a true assembly from a distance. The Lord is in the midst (Matt. 18:20).  God has much to say about government in the assembly, which is too great a matter to take up here.

  As I have said, brother, it appears there is little hope of the breach (and continuing breaches) being healed, due mainly to loyalties to man rather than the Lord. It seems everyone has ideas, and that often becomes more important to them than the Lord's glory. The enemy ever works to gain advantage.  We must give account one day!

  I don't believe you can justify that sect on any ground, brother, in view of the fact that the founder was rebellious and under discipline when he set up his own table and following, though he may have had some gift. Refer again to the papers I sent. I must say, your loyalties are misplaced there, due to the origin of that fellowship. I recommend you contact Bible Truth Publishers, Addison, IL about the history and sound ministry down through the many years  of this Bible-only testimony.  We are not left to just reason, but can see what the Bible and Church history reveals.
  I thank God for you and commend you to our precious Lord Jesus Christ. I feel bad for the separation, but the Lord knows all, and we will be together one day. Feel free to write me anytime.     - Your brother by grace, (R.L.D.:  CL03-f; - 2/01)