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For those undecided ones who wonder, wander, and worry….

When a religious soul turns from the Bible or changes it to suit self, he/she forms a personal religion;

When one forms a personal religion he/she changes God's ways to man's ways;

When one changes God's ways he/she serves self and pleases Satan;

When one serves self and pleases Satan he/she falls into a trap;

Don't fall into Satan's trap ---hold to the Bible and learn God's ways.

Baptism Is Identity 

[Some thoughts here in brief to encompass the whole of this subject]

   Baptism appears in Holy Scripture to be identity with the Lord Jesus, the Christ of God; and it is intended to be taking a sincere stand in earnest desire by souls to stand apart from the world's ways, and try to live for God in their sojourn in this world.  It much pleases the Lord and is not salvation of the soul, as some seekers think ---and it sometimes is performed before the soul is saved;  and it no doubt will bring some mercies of God to anyone who is God-minded and truly wants to identify with Him. 
  As to the matter of faithful parents baptizing their children, it is understood herein from Scripture as a personal dedication (promise) by the "born again" parents (as John 3) to rear their children for the Lord, which then is incumbent on the young people to appreciate that and come to the Savior as they mature.   It is expected by God that they of the house will all be faithful in this, or they will forfeit much for their failure (note Eccl. 5:4-6).  The parents must not fail to be the godly testimony that they promised and is needed, else the child cannot gain from it;   yet, the child will be held personally responsible about what he has known.
  When God speaks by His Spirit to anyone about His blessing, that one is "quickened" ---awakened and made alive to God by His Spirit moving and drawing him/her.   God is pleased with honesty and sincerity in a God-fearing seeker, but warns us against turning away and belittling it (Heb. 6:4-6). 
  One who figuratively enters "into thy closet" (i.e. private place) as God enjoins us (Matt. 6:6), and confesses and receives the Lord Jesus personally into their heart in devotion, to be their own Savior and Lord of their life, will be saved (see John 14); for God will give the indwelling and sealing of His Spirit to one who receives His "beloved Son" (note 1 Jn. 5:10-13). One needs then to conform to the Lord Jesus in obedience and devotion, and walk and talk with Him all their life for blessings. Salvation is by the new birth (John 3) as a "new creation" (2 Cor. 5:17 & Gal. 6:15). This must be accomplished before worshipping can be acknowledged.  It will thus afford the privilege to be at the Lord's Table and participate in His Supper to honor God, as one embraces "all the counsel of God" as a faithful saint (see 1 Cor. 11:23-29 and especially note verses 27-29).
  The only two ordinances God gave to real and faithful believers in Christ is Baptism and the Lord's Supper. All mankind should desire to please and honor God in christendom, and that desire should lead one on to salvation in God's beloved Son by personal faith in the Savior.   - R. L. DeWitt 09/15 -Gd-B