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For those undecided ones who wonder, wander, and worry….

When a religious soul turns from the Bible or changes it to suit self, he/she forms a personal religion;

When one forms a personal religion he/she changes God's ways to man's ways;

When one changes God's ways he/she serves self and pleases Satan;

When one serves self and pleases Satan he/she falls into a trap;

Don't fall into Satan's trap ---hold to the Bible and learn God's ways.
    Regarding your inquiry, I don't have any writings about musical instruments in the assembly, but you might write to Bible Truth Publishers, Addison, IL about that. 

    The use of instrumental music is not given for the Church, I see, nor a doctrinal prohibition, rather its a compromise of the simplicity God has shown for the New Testament church ---bringing in things not given by God.  Dwight L. Moody was reportedly the main promoter of instruments and other entertainment in church meetings in the early 1900’s.

    Musical instruments were used in the Old Testiment, and harps may be found in heaven, I understand from Revelation. For Israel, their worship was much external and material ---one has said, whereas our worship is in the heart. In this age I think God wants to hear the voices of His children, as the Word shows. For example, my wife and I attended a school performance of our little grandson recently, and they sang several songs. We did not attend to hear music, but to hear and enjoy our grandson. 

    The music in assembly meetings is not for our ears, but for God. That seems to be the essence of this subject. Singing is the heart pouring forth praise (see Eph.5:19; Col.3: 16), and the instrument cannot praise God. It is really a prop for the voices, and can be a distraction, and is thus not suited in worship. We are then pressed to try more to sing together, harmonize in song, and be of one mind and considerate of others. I suppose it would not be bad in a special public gospel meeting to use a piano, but those gathered among us do not see a need for that addition. Sometimes we have fellowship and singing in homes and then one might use a piano or guitar to accompany, and that is more for our edification. This subject is not a sin, but I do not see that saints of God should compromise the Godly order.

    To add anything that is the inventions of man and not given by God for His church would be presumptuous, a compromise, and may lead one on to other innovations in the assembly, which would not be approved by God. Let us not be innovative with the things of God.   - R. DeWitt,  CL05: 2005; rev. 02/08