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Prayer  And  Thoughts  For  Shut-Ins
Christians need to remember to pray for those friends and acquaintances with illness that confines them at home, and for their Care-givers.  As we were recently reminded by Praise And Prayer Alert:  we should make a time to at least call those associated with our church fellowship to see how they are doing;  keep them updated on events they might like to know about;  offer to run a few errands for them;  maybe offer to stay with a shut-in so their Care-giver might get time to go somewhere;  etc..  There are many dear ones among us and everywhere, who are suffering diseases such as cancer, heart problems, MS, Parkinsons, mental problems, etc.   God expects us to show care for these.  They must not be neglected.    [adapted from Praise & Prayer Alert]

  One might be troubled over many issues, even with anxiety, and not knowing what to do, but we all have a sure resource, and it is not simply "mind over matter" as some people say. There are daily problems and troubles, and also deep feelings over loss, concerns about life and death, peace and comfort, eternal hope, etc.;   and perhaps at times a faithful saint of God can share spiritual counsel ---referring to the Bible to help when there is such interest. 

  The fundamental need for all seekers after the good of the Creator-God, is certainly the Gospel message for salvation to know God, for without that, one cannot have any relationship with Him, as God has told us in His immutable Word.

  Possessing the new life in God (see John 3: 1-16) can reveal much truth and fundamentals of God to one ---first, receiving His "great salvation" (Heb. 2:3) in Jesus, the Christ, which will begin to open the door to truth and blessing (prayerfully read John 14 and see). Does the reader want this truth enough to read God's Word in the Gospels and Epistles, and receive His gift of life?

  Having understood that eternal life and all blessings of God are in Christ Jesus (John 14:6 & Eph. 1:3), the real believer in Christ will be "sealed", and "raised a spiritual body" in the resurrection (1 Cor. 15:44) by the Holy Spirit;  and the seekers now will also enjoy understanding, peace, comfort, and assurance by this spiritual birth. They will be looking to God for all answers and help to meet every need in their walk ---for God cares and He loves His "children".  

  Again, we need to KNOW GOD, and that is found in receiving His beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ into our heart with devotion to Him. Does the reader truly want to know God for the "peace that passeth all understanding" now while there is yet time to receive it (Heb. 11:6)?    - RLD 01/17