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Prayer  And  Thoughts  For  Shut-Ins
Christians need to remember to pray for those friends and acquaintances with illness that confines them at home, and for their Care-givers.  As we were reminded one time by Praise And Prayer Alert:  we should make a time to at least call those associated with our church fellowship to see how they are doing;  keep them updated on events they might like to know about;  offer to run a few errands for them;  maybe offer to stay with a shut-in so their Care-giver might get time to go somewhere;  etc..  There are many dear ones among us and everywhere, who are suffering diseases such as cancer, heart problems, MS, Parkinsons, mental problems, etc.   God expects us to show care for these.  They must not be neglected.    [adapted from Praise & Prayer Alert]
[One dealing with deceit by an enemy]

Hello friend.   As to your comments on information that is troubling you, I thought to share some understanding of the Christian life, and comment on the paper you read from an Atheist who sought to draw you away from our Creator-God.   Let me say that until a seeker is enlightened by the indwelling Holy Spirit through the “new birth” (as in John 3 of our Bible), their understandings will be limited to intellectual reasonings. By that I mean that one needs to have the Spirit of God to teach and reveal meanings of God in His Word. Religious seekers often resort to thinking things without knowing the Word of God.  Let me urge you to read the Gospel messages in the four Gospel books of the Bible and ask God to teach you ---especially praying over John 14 (which speaks of having a personal relationship with God through the Savior, Jesus --the Christ; and I much recommend you use the dependable King James Version of God's Word. 

  Since I am not clear as to what you know of the Lord Jesus when you say you are “a new believer”, I wanted to share what the Bible tells us about believing and trusting God. One needs to not just try to follow the teachings in the Bible, but have the Lord Jesus DWELLING IN ONE by faith in Him personally. Be sure of this, friend, and go into your “closet” (private place) as God says (see Matt. 6:6) and talk to God. Read His Word daily to learn of God's love. I would also like to refer you to a sound web site on the Internet at for dependable ministry.

    Now, as to your concerns on the paper you read by the person who wrote against our loving Creator-God, I will also respond in brief: 

1. "There exist instances of intense suffering which an omnipotent, omniscient being could have prevented without thereby losing some greater good or permitting some evil equally bad or worse."

[This seems to be an affront to God, saying that if there was a God he could have prevented suffering and evil. The one writing this is clearly not a person of faith, which limits his understanding. God says: "without faith it is impossible to please Him; for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him" (Heb. 11:6). God can, of course, prevent anything and accomplish anything ---for He is the Almighty Creator, so what is this one saying?  He asserts by his puny reasoning that there is no God. That is a very damning thing to believe and say.  

God created a perfect world, and allowed His created children the liberty to decide to obey, love, and worship God, for He did not create man like angels (who always obey and serve God). With this liberty man chose to ignore God and decide for himself what is good, and he chose to disobey the warnings of God in the garden at Eden. The consequence was that he fell in a state of sin (see Rom. 5:12). So, you and I (and all mankind) are born in sin by carnal procreation in the flesh (note Genesis 2 & 3).  God is not set on making this now a perfect world today, though He will one day in the future restore it (see Rom. 8:22-23; etc.). God is looking for faith and obedience in His people (not challenges). We are under trial and testing, and God is thereby proving to all the "heavenly host" that all things outside of the grace of God is hopeless, and disobedience brings sin, which brings death and eternal condemnation. Yes, there is suffering in the world of sin, but there is grace and mercy in God if one will turn and bow to Him ...much more could be said on this matter.]

2. "An omniscient, wholly good being would prevent the occurrence of any intense suffering it could, unless it could not do so without thereby losing something and greater good, or permitting some evil equally bad or worse."  

[As noted above, God "doeth all things well" and according to His purposes. He is not limited, and He even works all things (even evil) together for His purposes. We must not challenge Him, but "trust and obey", for God knows the dangers, loves mankind, and created him for good. It is surely offensive to God for one to say "a being...could not do so..." as that writer asserted. ]

3. "Therefore, there does not exist an omnipotent, omniscient, wholly good being." 

[This is blasphemy and a very dangerous thing to even think. Puny man should not presume to judge God and His ways, and urgently needs to see the eternal salvation God has provided in the sacrifice of love by His beloved Son --the Lord Jesus, the Christ of God, who suffered more than we know for our good. This is an eternal issue for our eternal soul. When one decides there is no God, then he seals his doom, but the rest of us can see the great universe and this magnificent world, with an amazing creation of mankind, and all perfect earthly functions of life, weather, climate, seasons, species of animals and plants, the tides, etc.; and God gave us His Word so we might know Him and be saved while there is yet time. One ought to know we have an eternal soul which will dwell eternally either with God in His Heaven or condemned to Hell forever. It is a choice for man to make, and we have only a little while to decide for Jesus, the Christ. Satan will always seek to deceive us by evil thoughts, and we MUST NOT listen to that even though we suffer in this world under Satan's schemes.   Many dear ones have suffered greatly over time by Satan (called "the god of this world).  Please read the four Gospels in your Bible, friend, and trust our God, whatever we might exprience.]     --R. L. DeWitt: Gd-B-L; 12/10; add 07/19.