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DO THE READERS KNOW of those believers in Christ holding that recovery of church truth in 1827--- endeavoring to continue the expression of the "one body in Christ" worldwide in the scriptural order, as intend -
ed by God for "unity of the faith"----rather than independency, mergers, and sectar-ianism?   Does one want to know?  Such a fellowship does exist today.  SEE THE SITE 
MANAGER for a brief history.
Some thoughts here especially for the faithful saints who value Bible-only , who earnestly desire to be faithful to our Lord and His Word (Mt.18:20; Acts 20:27).  See also other pages listed below for some thoughts.   Write to the Site Manager if one has questions or comments.   
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NOTE:  For the faithful gathered saints already in a scriptural assembly who would like to review related papers on our path,  they might see the Conditions And Comments page, and may write for copies of papers.  It would not likely be understood or appreciated by other readers.  Contact Site Manager with any questions.  

If the "Kingdom of Heaven" is like an OUTER CIRCLE of profession and honor to God and His ways, as we understand, and the "Kingdom of God" is like an INNER CIRCLE of posses-sion of Christ and the "new birth", then we might well look for a CENTER CIRCLE with-in of believers gathered around Christ and His Word for obedience and submission.  

This page speaks to those who value the fol-lowing G.R.E.A.T.W.A.Y:  Gathering with other saints to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ alone in love;  Receiving "all the counsel of God" and "rightly dividing the Word of Truth";  Expressing the "one body" of Christ in  the world;  Acknowledging the "priesthood" of all believers;  Trusting the Lord and keeping His Word;  Worshipping in devotion as pleases God;  Appreciating  God's assembly, order, and government;  Yielding to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

In anticipation of those who might have some objections, one ought to say: no one should  presume to boast of being in a center circle;  nevertheless, it remains and that should be the object and desire of faithful saints.

Apostles & Epistles
It is evident that the flesh nature of man in extremes (carnality ---regular worldliness and indulging self), will corrupt many people; some-times even true believers who forget their "high calling of God in Christ Jesus" (Phil. 3:14); and Satan works at that. While we need the Gospel message for salvation (as John 1; John 3; John 14, etc.) we also need to embrace the Epistles for the believer's pathway to overcome flesh and live to obey and honor God.

As one reads in the Epistles of the Bible we can see how there was much failure among confessing disciples, and the Apostles dealt with that as best they could (yet failure has continued even to our day --note Acts 20:29-30). Men ---even "born again" saints, like to have innovations and their preferred ideas, so often some want to change the meanings of Scriptures.

We should note that Jesus spoke to both Israelites and Gentiles as in the four Gospels, about His Father, redemption way, a Godly walk and service, and His sacrifice to bring us to God; then appointed the Apostles to go forth to many cities and establish the Church (the Bride of Christ). Their ministry is in fact also the "Word of God" ---and God will hold the saints responsible for "all the counsel of God" and to be "rightly dividing the Word of Truth", in our own testimony in the world. We much need to be with a Bible-only church fellowship to learn the Bible and full mind of God; and find help in studying the Word. 

The Apostles should be seen as setting forth the truth for our guidance to Christ (see the Roman Epistle), and counsel as to Church order, function, and honor to God . The local Elders were appointed by Apostles as guides and helps, as seniors with wisdom ---and not "as lord's over God's heritage" (1 Pet. 5:2-3); and should be Godly men of good report, as God tells us. The local saints need to yield to the Holy Spirit, and who alone appoints elders to maintain the testimony. All true brothers in the local assembly can teach, pastor, and evangelize as led of God, as Holy Scripture shows, for they are a "holy" and "royal priesthood" (1 Pet. 2). 

God gave us the fullness of His Word, and will truly hold us responsible for that ---so some of us mostly recommend the King James Bible for the most inspired and complete mind of God (meaning the purifying study of it over time, which the new Versions do not have to avoid failures by academic men). One can be confident that God will not judge against His saints for trusting His Word faithfully, and so let us always bow to Him as shown in His precious Word. 

Well, this brief counsel is to the point of God's authority by His immutable Word, and the godly teachers administering it faithfully. One also believes a seeker can find much help at the site:, and ask questions also at the internet site: each month. Look up always, dear friends! - RLD: 04/16