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DO THE READERS KNOW of those believers in Christ holding that recovery of church truth in AD 1827--- endeavoring to continue the expression of the "one body in Christ" worldwide in the scriptural order, as intend -
ed by God for "unity of the faith"----rather than independency, mergers, and sectar-ianism?   Does one want to know?  Such a fellowship does exist today.  SEE THE SITE 
MANAGER for a brief history.
Some thoughts here especially for the faithful saints who value Bible-only , who earnestly desire to be faithful to our Lord and His Word (Mt.18:20; Acts 20:27).  See also other pages listed below for some thoughts.   Write to the Site Manager if one has questions or comments.   
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NOTE:  For the faithful gathered saints already in a scriptural assembly who would like to review related papers on our path,  they might see the page: Conditions And Comments -F12 , and may write for copies of papers.
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If the "Kingdom of Heaven" is like an OUTER CIRCLE of profession and honor to God and His ways, as we understand, and the "Kingdom of God" is like an INNER CIRCLE of posses-sion of Christ and the "new birth", then we might well look for a CENTER CIRCLE with-in of believers gathered around Christ and His Word for obedience and submission.  

This page speaks to those who value the fol-lowing G.R.E.A.T.W.A.Y:  Gathering with other saints to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ alone in love;  Receiving "all the counsel of God" and "rightly dividing the Word of Truth";  Expressing the "one body" of Christ in  the world;  Acknowledging the "priesthood" of all believers;  Trusting the Lord and keeping His Word;  Worshipping in devotion as pleases God;  Appreciating  God's assembly, order, and government;  Yielding to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

In anticipation of those who might have some objections, one ought to say: no one should  presume to boast of being in a center circle;  nevertheless, it remains and that should be the object and desire of faithful saints.


Commentary By R. DeWitt

An athletic team can only hope for success by the members working together, and it is somewhat similar with the "body of Christ" (Rom. 7:4).

   True believers in Christ are made "one body" in Him, and "members one of another" (Rom. 12:5), and thus ought to see the need to "be like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind" (Phil. 2:2), as given by God. It is truly for the glory of Christ, but also for the good of God's testimony, and then to our own benefit. Are we thinking only of ourselves and serving our own interests, or the mind of God, the good of all saints and the common goal ---expressing the one body of Christ and His testimony in the world (I Corinthians 12)?

  This might remind one of an athletic team. First, one needs to be on the SPIRITUAL team (i.e. --saved by confessing and receiving Jesus, the Christ) in the competitive game of life (as it were), then support it. Are you on the team?  God only has one team in the world, and it is up against the whole world and it's coaches. A successful witness in the world ---exalting the Lord and honoring God, requires UNITY.  

  As I watched my grandsons play baseball I came to appreciate the team effort and spirit which makes for a winning team and perhaps a trophy. The coach teaches the players and directs the game, not leaving each player to do as he pleases. So it is in the Christian life (Matt.19:6; 1 Cor. 12:12-20; Eph.2:19-22; Eph.4:15-16; Phil.3:13-14; Heb.12:1). We ought to seek the good of the team members, understand and pursue the goal together, and seek the honor of our Lord (see Eph.4:4-6). Our Coach sets forth the way and expects His people to follow it.

  Do we understand and appreciate the goal? Do we hope for the prize and commendation one day above this scene for faithfulness? The saints of God surely need to preach Christ to lost souls, and they also need to be together in accord with the Word of God for collective worship, prayer, teaching, and fellowship (Acts 2:42), rather than pursuing our own religious ideas (see Phil. 2:3-4;  3 John 4). Team members cannot receive a commendation by following their own way. Each member will be held accountable for the good of the whole.

Like any team, there needs to be much cooperation, coordination, discipline, desire, and zeal to achieve the goal; and though we be "members in particular" with certain gifts, we are "the one body of Christ" (one team), and "there should be no schism" (1 Cor.12:21-27). The popular thought of independency in the church, or mergers with every idea, is not only dishonoring to the Lord, but leads to defeat, loss, forfeiture, and victory for the enemy. - R. L. DeWitt:  CM23; 05/06