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BIBLE  COUNSEL  - Section  E
Some  Thoughts  On  Ministry
The writer does not want to press on readers the ministry herein, but share thoughts and pray God will reveal the Word of Truth to those who are exercised thereby.  No one can be "pressed" into truth.  Those with concerns may feel free to write for some help or clarification.  -RLD 

[A response here to a concern expressed by one about such people]
Dear friend:
  There are some extremes of material possessions in the world which are observed by the saints in Christ, as you noted. On one hand I see there are the poor and destitute souls, and on the other hand there are the rich ones who enjoy affluence ---not speaking here of the so-called Middle Class. What is that to the church? Essentially it is a fact of life in this world of woe, and it is really a matter of our personal conscience about dealing with it. Societies need to provide services which will facilitate recoveries, but I do not speak here of political issues, but as concerns the Church.

  In Scripture wealth is mostly referring to possessing many good things and being very comfortable (Psa. 112:3; Prov. 13:11; etc.), while riches is often referring to that and also excessive possessions and self-indulgence (Psa. 39:6; Luke 18:22-24). One might legitimately acquire wealth, as did Abraham, but the thought in riches seems to speak of an attitude problem which is not good. The saints of God need to be concerned of living high when many around them are living dangerously low. The Lord looks on this, and He may bestow much on one who will faithfully handle it for good. One surely knows when they have riches, though they may rationalize it to not make any changes, and consider themselves to be only Middle Class. We need to be circumspect, charitable, and honoring the Lord.  

  The poor are to be pitied and helped when possible ---whether a believer or not. They may be victims of unavoidable circumstances, or health problems, or they live in a land of poverty where the governments have failed them, or they may be just not managing well and planning for their life. In any case they are in crisis. Should the church deal with this? Yes, when a matter comes to their attention, but can the church realistically solve all the problems of poverty by charitably giving ? No, for "ye have the poor with you always", the Lord said (Mark 14:7). It is not the business of the church to go forth trying to solve all the social problems in the world, but as we know of conditions with some we meet we should minister to them in the Name of the Lord, giving God the glory (not self).  Drawing souls to Christ is the true and lasting gift by saints.

  Our desire as true saints of God should be to try and meet pressing needs so that one may see the hand of the Lord (not see us), and have a desire to be thankful to Him and come and be a worshipper of God. At least we ought to give something for the daily need of one together with Gospel literature. We have a ministry here as "ambassadors for Christ", not for worldly reform, for we know the end of this world by God's Word.  Let us glorify the Lord.  

  If such a poor one we meet has only a desire for gifts and not an opportunity ---improved life and hope with blessings, and they turn away after receiving a gift and needed helps, and refuse the message of the Lord, they can only be commended to the Lord for mercies. We are not their judge. We should want to help a seeker be lifted up to an improved life, and walk in fellowship with the Lord; and we might refer them to various charities that can render help in housing, employment, medical care, etc. That is the least of the thought of Christian service, as I am sure you agree.

  There is much need in the whole world, and very near to us where we live, and we surely should minister to it for the Lord's glory.  Continuing to enjoy riches is a sin and we would be judged for that. Let us see the needs around us and seek to reach many for Christ, and guide them to a path of blessing.  Well, these are a few of my thoughts, friend. 
- RLD: GL15; add: 05/17