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An Overview Of Professing Believers

[Some souls professing to be Christians are described here, often seen and observed by their walk, work and ways; and discernment is necessary and important for true Christianity and faithfulness among the saints of God (note John 7:24). 
    - Robert DeWitt: 02/18]

Serving saints: (this in various degrees) devoted, generous, caring saints who exalt and speak much of the Lord Jesus Christ, and encourage others to know and trust Him, serve, and read God's Word.

Reserved saints: (in various degrees) found as real believers faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ when viewed closely, but very private in beliefs, devotions, prayers; and concerned more with self-management, interests and thoughts, than with a Gospel testimony, serving, and other people and their ways (perhaps somewhat like "Mary" and her sister "Martha" ---as Luke 10:38-42). 

Carnal saints: often showing at times a true belief in Christ, yet are very worldly and conforming more to those pleasing and convenient ways of the world, than a separated path to Godly ways, honor, glorifying God and conforming to His mind.

Professing Christians: weak testimony of being a true saint ("born again" as John 3; John 14; & 1 Jn. 5: 10-12), causing much doubt by real saints as to their reality of faith and life in Christ; yet they tend to associate with Christianity.

Casual professors of Christianity: not appearing clear as to reality toward the Creator-God, His salvation, and real faith, and rarely are found among the gatherings of saints of God. 

This all seems to be a cause for self-examination of our relationship with God as in Christ (John 3). Do we know Him (as 2 Cor. 13:5); and do we belong to Him by real faith (as John 14:6); are we living for Him or for ourselves? - RLD:  Gd