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The writer does not want to press on readers the ministry herein, but share thoughts and pray God will reveal the Word of Truth to those who are exercised thereby.  No one can be "pressed" into truth.  Those with concerns may feel free to write for some help or clarification.  -RLD 


[Surely a faithful soul should want to hold and be gathered as God shows in His Word, not in man-made sects with options to choose for personal beliefs.  We need to be conformed to God, and by His "Word of Truth". Here is a profitable listing and test in brief from the Holy Bible, to show what is a faithful Christian source, stand, and state of soul. A seeker can then see where and how he/she should find fellowship. First, a soul ought to at least read such as John 1; John 3; John 14 to be grounded in the source of truth; and meditate on all the four Gospels of God's Word; otherwise one will not make progress in God's holy pathway. No thought is given here to prove God or His creation, which is elementary and shown elsewhere (note Heb. 11:6).     - R. DeWitt, 10/15] 

A. Believing about the Creator-God, Jehovah ---meaning "ever self-existing one", who made all things; and made man somewhat after His "own image"; and chose him to be His children by faith, as the Bible declares: 1. Yes/ Agree, 2. No/ Disagree, 3. Not sure.

B. Accepting that the Bible is holy and given by the Creator-God as His full counsel for mankind and without any contradictions in His text; and readers need to thus be sure that new versions they see to make reading more simple and pleasing, do not lose the essential wording found in the Authorized-KJV-Bible --- and thereby miss the true mind of God: 1. Yes/Agree, 2. No/ Disagree, 3. Not sure.  

C. Appreciating the Trinity of the Godhead, which is God-the Father (Jehovah, the Creator and mind of the Godhead); God-the Son (Jesus, the Christ of the Godhead and Savior for eternal hope and new life for man); God-the Holy Spirit (the power, energy, and silent leading of the Godhead manifested in faithful believers as an earthly "temple", for teaching, leading, and care): 1. Yes/ Agree, 2. No/Disagree, 3. Not sure

D. Receiving the Lord Jesus ---the Son and Christ of God, into one's heart and life by godly faith, in devotion to Him for any approach to our Creator-God, and for salvation of the soul for eternity, as one's own Savior and Lord (a new SPIRITUAL BIRTH for fallen man); which is a ESSENTIAL RELATIONSHIP and not just intellectual and trying to follow His teachings and example: 1. Yes/ Agree, 2. No/ Disagree, 3. Not sure.

E. Learning about God's intent for His pathway in the world ---after one has received the Savior and is truly settled and happy in assurance of eternal salvation in Christ; and a soul then needs to be seeking to grow and know about the fullness of Redemption Way, Church Truth, and Spiritual Life (note John 14:6), which essentials are needed in order to appreciate fundamentals of the Faith and honor God: 1. Yes/ Agree, 2. No/Disagree, 3. Not sure

  E1 Redemption Way speaks of several things in the Bible such as this age of Grace ---of God’s gospel plan to recover, save, and restore lost sinners to Himself ("whosoever will" -Rev. 22:17, and 2 Pet. 3:9, and Matt. 11:28); and includes the sacrifice God provided in His beloved Son, the Lord Jesus --the Christ of God for the salvation of souls and entrance into Heaven with eternal life, and gives the gift of the Holy Spirit now; also it speaks of blessings, the return of Christ for His Bride ---the Church; the judgments to come on mankind; His reign over the earth; His kingdom, glory and purposes, etc. Other papers available can explain this further in more detail: 1. Yes/ Agree, 2. No/ Disagree, 3. Not sure.

  E2 Church Truth is about obedience to the Word of God as our only authority --rather than man's ideas, innovations and deletions, traditions, rituals, creeds, ceremonies, hierarchy, etc.; a godly fellowship for all saints in responsibility as a "holy" and "royal priesthood"; the essentials of baptism, the gathering of believers in scriptural fellowship for the collective testimony locally and worldwide ---for universal "unity of the Faith" and "no schism in the body", for all saints expressing "the one body in Christ"; and the Lord's table locally with worship there on Lord's Day, and teaching, prayers, the Lord's glory and honor, etc.; also assembly government must be maintained by the collective fellowship, with esteemed elders guiding the inqury and process; and some verses to show this are Matthew 18:20; Matthew 19:6; John 17:11, 21-23; Acts 2:41-42; Acts 20:27; Romans 12:5; 1 Corinthians 5:11-13; 1 Corinthians 12:25-27; 1 Corinthians 16:19-20; Galatians 1:2-3; Ephesians 2:19-22; Ephesians 4:3; Philippians 2:2; 2 Timothy 2:15; 3 Jn. 4; also consider Psalms 133:1;  Amos 3:3;  etc.:  1. Yes/ Agree, 2. No/ Disagree, 3. Not sure.

  E3 Spiritual Life speaks of honor to God, promoting the Lord's glory in all thoughts, conversation, walk, and worship individually and collectively in the Church ---and not thinking too much of self; showing forth the love of God to all souls; exalting the Lord Jesus as Savior and Lord, and devotion to Him in all trials and circumstances, for growth and maturity in the new life, peace and joy, holiness, godliness, charity ---and we need to cultivate this, and keep and obey "all the counsel of God" and be "rightly dividing the Word of Truth", and not by carnal reasoning; noting that a Christian life devoid of this (though one is a true "born again" believer) will bring spiritual and eternal loss: 1. Yes/Agree, 2. No/ Disagree, 3. Not sure.

F. Worshipping is essential and concerns individual and collective devotion to God, and is both in the heart always and collectively with other saints when possible ---which both speaks of much personal devotion and praise in communion by prayer, and the collective gathering at the Lord's table with the Lord's supper as shown for the Church in unity (see Luke 22:19-20 and 1 Cor. 11:23-29) ---and this without a hierarchy of men to rule and manage: 1. Yes/ Agree, 2. No/Disagree, 3. Not sure.

G. Service for God by "born again" believers in Jesus Christ ought to show appreciation for God's grace (unmerited favor) and with loving desire for others to be brought into this great salvation while there is yet time (for there is no salvation after death); and as God's servants we need to be a reflective light as given, which means to live for God and not for self-gain, encouraging the saints, giving the Lord "the pre-eminence" in all things: 1. Yes/Agree, 2. No/Disagree, 3. Not sure

H. Spiritual growth has been rightly described as "a spiritual process, that will be in direct proportion to the place we give Jesus Christ in our hearts and daily experience". We need this precious communion for peace and joy in our day; and sooner or later the new believers, who truly desire to be faithful, will get their wandering minds upon the Lord Jesus Christ, and their heart will be wondrously affected. We ought to urgently look unto Jesus (Heb.12:2; Heb.2:9), that our joy 'might be full' (John 15:11). Is one clear about this new life and rejoicing in the Lord?" 1. Yes/Agree, 2. No/ Disagree, 3. Not Sure.

The Word of God is the source here to show that YES to all issues is comprehensive conformity to the ways and mind of God, it is shown. One should then find the nearest BIBLE-ONLY fellowship, which embraces all this (one can contact BIBLE TRUTH PUBLISHERS, Addison, IL and also visit the BibleCounsel. net web site). If one does not feel settled in the Faith, that one needs to see if he/she has actually been 'born again' as shown in Letter D above, and is reading regularly in the New Testament to learn God's mind.   - RLD: GM55;  from