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Jesus As Lord Over All!

The Lord Jesus is presented to mankind as the "Son of God" (one with and from the Father by Spirit) and "Son of man" (born in a body like all men, but without a natural father in the world), and as the Redeemer-Savior, and LORD over all;  and all "born again" saints are regarded as "brethren" ---plural meaning "fellow members" (see Webster's Dictionary). To refer to the Lord Jesus as "my brother" and The Father as "my dad" or "daddy" (as some brash young ones do), is reducing the Lord to a common man like self and all others; and is demeaning and disrespectful, for HE IS HOLY AND LORD OVER ALL MANKIND; and is God manifested in the flesh (see John 14).  A true "born again" believer should not thus demean the Savior. One should bow in humility and reverence! 

The Lord Jesus counts all true believers as "brethren" --fellow members of the spiritual family, not as kindred relations of men. In Matthew 12:50 the Lord Jesus speaks of all believers only in analogy as God's family ---being in a holy union, but not as natural brothers or sisters.

It is a mis-translation in some new Bible versions to call the Lord as "our brother" ---single reference.  Saints of God can only be "brothers and sisters" as in the holy family aspect. The proper reference for Romans 8:29 is "...among many brethren" as shown in sound Bible versions.

In the several references to "Abba Father", Bible scholars show it is to be understood as "Father-Father" as a call of respectful endearment, not as a natural "daddy". The two references combine the Aramaic word: Abba and the Greek word meaning Father, as explained in the Concise Bible Dictionary, which brings together both Jews and Gentiles to know the Creator-God as the one Father (procreator).   Jesus showed the difference and special relationship with the Father (progenitor of man) as "...MY Father, and YOUR Father", not OUR father (John 20:17).   - R.L.D. --GB29;  from