People and nations may be blessed by showing honor to God (1 Sam. 2: 30);  and such shall be judged one day on how they regarded Him (Matt. 25: 31-34);  however, blessings and mercies should not be viewed as salvation of the soul, and the GOSPELS  MUST BE REGARDED (note Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.)    Let us "earnestly contend for the faith"  (Jude 3)
Bible Counsel: Section  F  

Christian Counsel Collection
CCC Subjects For Bible Counsel Site
By Robert DeWitt 

Due to volume this CCC listing is limited to subjects rather than individual papers, so readers can choose a subject that is of some interest to them. Various papers and discussion on a subject can be sent, and of course correspondence about clarification and additional subjects is always welcome. 

In requesting a subject here, please also state the category where it is listed (e.g. R-Gospel, etc.), or state your particular interest, or request any other subjects of interest. Please note that the writer makes no claim to know all things about God's Word and His mind, but is happy to share what he has been given through the years and can appreciate. –RLD:  11/2011; add: 04/2021.  

Christian Counsel Introduction    (paper on purpose of this ministry)
A Threefold Foundation    (thoughts on John 14:6, which seem to encompass Christian experience and undergirds the testimony)

REDEMPTION WAY: This concerns God and His ways with man from the beginning to the end. It is about heaven, salvation, eternal life, blessing, man's course, judgments; the Lord's sacrifice, coming reign, kingdom, glory and purposes for man, etc. Some general subjects addressed are shown here, and readers might have others. Readers might also compare with ministry under Correspondence and Miscellany section.

Redemption – Gospel – RG concerns that primary hope of God's redemption for man, and about the way of salvation and eternal life. It sets forth the way to be saved and assured of heaven, and speaks also of the urgency of it, and the certainty and danger of condemnation in hell forever, if one neglects so great salvation. 
Redemption – Prophecy – RP is foretelling what will happen in the end times concerning God’s coming judgment on man and this world , the translation of the church, conditions in the world, etc.
Redemption -- Kingdom - RK concerns ministry about God's plan and purposes for mankind and the world from the beginning; and time for man, existing conditions, eternal state.
Redemption – Miscellany & Thoughts - RM are general papers about the process of redemption for mankind, and some thoughts toward the world. Benefits are explained and views are presented as to meanings of such as grace, eternal security, the soul of man, sin, our standing and state, etc. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Redemption-Correspondence - RC are letters on many of the above subjects and other matters, which respond to questions and concerns.  

CHURCH TRUTH: This is the sphere of light and obedience, and God's counsel and expectations for the saints. It is about such as baptism, the gathering of believers and collective testimony locally and worldwide, unity of the faith, Godly walk, the Lord's glory and honor, etc. Some general subjects addressed are shown here, and readers might have others. Readers might also see ministry on these subjects under Correspondence and Miscellany.

Church Form & History – CF, CH is about the establishment of the Church by God, the form, the purpose; some history in general, and much about the revival of the early 1800's known as the "brethren movement" after the Gospel revival of circa 1500 AD. It includes the several denominated innovations of men when the Reformation broke away from the RC religion and its hierarchy and tyranny; failure, divisions, and sectarianism which have corrupted God's testimony beyond the pure Gospel in 1500 AD; God’s recovery in revival to uphold Church truth. See also Letters about these matters. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Church Assembly & Life – CA, CL speaks about government within the Assembly; God's purposes and testimony, unity, the welfare of the saints, and pleasing God. It concerns Christian life within the assembly according to the Word, and the responsibilities of all for the good of all and God's honor. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Church Government & Order --CG, CO speaks of the scriptural way --- corrections, and governmental actions within a Godly testimony; setting forth essential understandings and maintaining the truth locally in order and honor to God. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Church Miscellany & Thoughts --CM includes general information and views about the Church in the world and thoughts about God's intentions and expectations for the collective testimony; some priorities, features, effects, and things not listed under other titles in the Christian Counsel Collection. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Church Correspondence –CC are letters on many of the above subjects and other matters.  

SPIRITUAL LIFE: There is a new life in Christ which God expects us to live, not after our own ideas, but in holiness, communion and conformity to Him for blessing. Some general subjects addressed are shown, and readers might have others. Readers might also see ministry on these subjects under Correspondence and Miscellany.  
Spiritual - Faithfulness --SF refers to the importance of believers being faithful and devoted to Christ; and about the rewards and commendations in heaven, blessings, the right ways, etc. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Spiritual - State --SS speaks of spiritual maturity, and learning patience, forgiveness, responsibilities, and growing in conformity to God and learning His mind, etc.
Spiritual - Trials --ST is about trials and their purpose; enduring with a right attitude, understanding trials and trouble for a believer; and appreciating why God allows them for a saint. 
Spiritual - Worship --SW concerns attitudes about communion with God, prayer, and praise; and speaks of the Lord's supper as collective worship as well as personal devotions. God indwells believers by the Holy Spirit as a temple prepared by God, besides dwelling in the midst of His gathered company. 
Spiritual - Miscellany & Thoughts --SM is general papers not covered in other sections. It addresses various spiritual subjects to show degrees of spiritual matters, and contrasts carnal reasoning with that which is of God and beyond the understanding of natural men. 
Spiritual Correspondence --SC are letters on many of the above subjects and other matters.

GENERAL MINISTRY: Some other ministry and thoughts concerning Christianity, God's ways, Bible studies, and eternal truths are presented for consideration here. Readers might also see ministry on these subjects under  
 Miscellany and Correspondence.  

General - Bible --GB is about the Bible and lessons. Subjects include such as versions, study, harmony of God's Word, the sixty-six books, balancing the Word, meanings of Scripture, etc. 

General - Deity --GD speaks of deity, the trinity, beliefs in a supreme Creator, etc. 

General -Philosophies --GP considers man's reasoning, Humanism, various ideas and beliefs about life; thoughts on origin ideas; Santa Claus, Wizards; etc.

General - Sects & Cults --GS-C are about various religious sects formed by professing Christians; and cults by agents of Satan.

General - Youth Believers --GYB is ministry and subjects especially for youth and practical things: Boy-Girl relations; peer relations; experimental dangers of life; marriage; careers; coping with life; etc.

General - Miscellany & Thoughts --GMT addresses general information and subjects about honoring God, Christianity, God's people, Christendom in general, God's mind and purposes, Recommended readings and subjects, etc. 

General Correspondence - (GL are letters on many of the above subjects and other matters. 

SUMMARY: It seems so very important to maintain a balance in these things. Believers often become so occupied with one area that the others are neglected. It not only is personal loss, but harms the universal testimony. The monthly editions at the Bible Counsel web site show most of the CCC available papers on various subjects over time. One can always request commentary on Christianity or other biblical subject.  

  -RLD: Summary Of CCC Papers; 04/2011; 04/2021; See also Gd -CCC Ministry; Current BC at F-Thoughts pg. 

Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet,
And a light unto my path

[Psa. 119:105]
Some thoughts here on understandings and viewpoints, and letters on Christian life and some information on godliness and living for God.  See also CHRISTIAN COUNSEL COLLECTION listing below to find various papers on biblical issues.  E-mail: aninterface@hotmail.com
Essential Truth To Appreciate

  The saints of God might put on the "armor of God" and prepare for "the fiery darts" of persecution as noted in Scripture, but fail to guard against "the wiles" of Satan. He can then easily get advantage of one; and we need to remember, as Scripture often describes him: --"a deceiver" of great spiritual skill and power (note Gen.3:13; Matthew 24:11; Eph. 6:11; Rev. 12:9; Rev. 20:10). He cannot lay a hand on man, but is a master at mind control; and those who are careless will get led to great personal misery, troubles, and opposing our God. The remedy certainly is in communion with our Lord, who will hear and act on our concerns.

  The apostle, Paul, said: "we are not ignorant of his devices" (II Cor.2:11). By that, I believe he was saying we know Satan's attacks are mostly by deception and not just physical ways (though he might use other people against us). Our place is not to be trying to oppose him, but to "resist" him (James 4:7; Jude 9), for the saints of God are not as 'wolves' but as 'sheep' as God says. Does Satan read our thoughts, or only our words and actions? Surely he knows our nature and is very wise in knowing and seeing our interests. Do we understand how he might work things to discourage us, dissuade us, defeat us, and cause us to offend others and dishonor God? Let us be watchful, and careful what we say, do, or think.  

  The world, our flesh, and Satan are against us, we are told. The world is the habitation, systems, and ways of fallen man on the earth ---and Satan is "the god of this world"; and true believers (as John 3:16) "are not of the world", though in it (John 17:14), but are sojourners and ambassadors here a little while in the Name of the Lord. The world reasons a way and holds self-indulgent values which are contrary to God. When a real Christian believer is "yoked together" with the world and is imitating the world, he is traveling a path of destruction, and dishonor to God. He cannot prosper in his calling as "a child of God". Satan makes the world look attractive to deceive souls. Do we know worldliness when we see it, or are we gladly drawn into it?

  The flesh for a true Christian is our old nature which is pride and self-centered thinking. It loves to be indulged with pleasure, gain, and exaltation. It often denies or minimizes sin and justifies itself. We ought to fear our flesh and judge it before God daily (see I Jn. 1:9).
  Satan accuses the brethren before the heavenly host and seeks always to get advantage of the saints to fail, dishonor the Lord, and go astray. He shows of a truth that the saints are often unfaithful, self-centered, carnal, and rebellious (which we all tend to be sometimes). Even as some professing Christians speak against Satan, they are quite deceived to do his work by their religious ideas, rebellion to the Word of God, and carnal ways. They not only forfeit much, which they will realize at the "Judgment Seat of Christ", but their dishonor to God will be manifest to all.

  Satan uses the world to lure a believer from honoring God to please self. The values, goals, advice, and entertainment of the world are not of God. We need to think God’s thoughts, and that comes from knowing our Bible and the nature of God. Staying close to Him and seeking His counsel will keep us. One should not listen to voices that are not proven to be Godly and sound in the faith. A church-goer and self-exalted teacher might be an apostate (a religious minded person who imitates Christianity for gain, and to draw away followers after self); and some make a career as Preachers and get into churches). God warns against this in the Bible Epistles: II Timothy and Titus. 

  The enemy puts bad thoughts in our mind, and surely true saints know a bad thought when they think it. These thoughts need to be judged and condemned before God (see I Jn. 1: 9-10).

  This is all essential truth to appreciate. A real “born again” believer can easily become "carnal" and seeking to please himself, and stumble many others also. Too often these types are clergymen and cause the congregation to go astray. That is why one should only be associated with a proven Godly and sound assembly of believers with 'Bible-only' intent. One should not get puffed up by intellectualism and thus used by the enemy to oppose God. 

  Yes, we need the "armor of God" (Eph.6), and we need to guard our eyes, ears, and heart against the subtle ways of the enemy. Surely we need to be "bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ" (II Cor.10:5), and seek His glory.
 - R. L. DeWitt, 2000; SS04. rev. 02/2021.  

[ADDENDUM 02/2021: As the verses and discussion above show, we are not to do battle with Satan, but to “resist” him by calling upon the Lord. We are no match in ourselves for this adversary. It is foolish to hear some professing Christians speak of how they told Satan what they think of him and what he should do, etc. That is being boastful and not trusting God. It is not wise, and we are told to "resist the devil" not fight him. Such vain thoughts will make us more vulnerable than being quiet. When thoughts tend to discourage us or turn us from a Godly course and the Word of God, and also when we begin to speak against others, we need to recognize these are some of the ways of Satan. We might tell our Lord of this trouble and our need of Him, and we will then begin to see improvement. God works behind the scenes for those who know  Him.

One will hear teaching and diverse ministry along our pathway from many sources . One should always test it by the Word of God (see John 5:39; Acts 17:11; II Tim.2:15; II Tim.3:16; Titus 1:9). Whether it is profitable often depends, too, on our state of soul. This paper is prepared with much care and prayer to be a help and honor the Lord. Comments and questions are welcome. -RLD