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 There seems to be three great spheres of Christian experience:  Redemption Way,  Church Truth, &
Spiritual Life  (John 14:6).  Most believers can ap-preciate redemption way and spiritual growth, but church truth seems to be much neglected.  We need to value "unity of the faith" and take "all the counsel of God" (Acts 20:27).
It is not required by God to be gathered in a scriptural assembly, but there is and will be blessing for saints to meet on that ground and  be part of a collective testimony worldwide, as God intended for His church, and by His revival of 1827 AD.  Faithful readers here can gain some understanding of such fellowship, and may desire to be associated to also express the "one body in Christ", embrace "all the counsel of God", and show forth "unity of the faith" by the "Word of Truth".  There is no such thing in the Bible as going to "the church of your choice", as many believers say.   Write to the Site Manager for further understanding and to find a Scriptural fellowship.
CHURCH TRUTH  is about faithful compliance and conformity to what God intended in Acts 2: 41- 42 at the beginning of the church, and then the Epistles.  It speaks of obeying and honoring God collectively without innovations. One who is saved (Jn.3: 16) ought to follow the Word (see Jn.14:23-24; Jn.17:17; Titus 1:9; Phil. 2:2);  including baptism, the gathering locally, the collective testimony in the world; and obedience to the Word, a Godly walk, the Lord's glory and honor, etc.  A local gathering in accord with Scripture may be near to one to visit, if interested.

From time to time papers will be set forth here and on the Feature Pages herein, concerning various aspects of this truth.  We ought to love all saints everywhere and be a help, even if we cannot walk with all (Amos 3:3).    - RLD
NOTE: When we speak of a scriptural assembly we need to be prepared to show what it is biblically, and what it is not by the innovations of men. This writer feels free to invite inquiry on each issue or order of Scripture ---and distinguish between what men have invented (and often prefer), and what some of us are holding as true to God's Word and that recovery of 1827 AD. One might disagree, and that is a choice, but Scripture is quite plain as to what God has intended for His testimony in the world. One can write for help herein to find such a fellowship.
 - RLD 08/15
A guide for a Christian home group fellowship
R. L. DeWitt
Dear friend:
   It is good to learn of your interest in having a home Bible study for some local Christians, who desire a faithful SCRIPTURAL ASSEMBLY (as you also do), and who are too far from such a established assembly holding BIBLE-ONLY in another city, to be gathered and attending regularly. It is important that your house gathering honors God and is first determined as for BIBLE-ONLY studies ---being apart from the various denominated church groups with their titles, rituals, ceremonies, hierarchy, various innovations, teachings, and other carnal interests ---often scrambling the Word of God.  

   It is important to understand that such a group gathering at a home should NOT be to proceed as an established Church Assembly at first, and thus NOT be holding the Remembrance table of the Lord's Supper ---which would be on the ground of independency and contrary to Bible order and God's purpose. Your efforts should have rather for its purpose ONLY happy Christian fellowship, and readings, singing, and discussions of the sixty-six Bible books for blessings. That can be profitable. 

   A regular Christian gathering at home should be for meeting local needs, when the known and established worldwide scriptural fellowship, from the revival of biblical Church Truth of circa 1800 AD, which I spoke of, is not within easy travel for study and worship, etc. The known BIBLE-ONLY assemblies in this recognized universal order of faith, should be looked to for guidance and encouragement, and one can learn more of them by contacting BIBLE TRUTH PUBLISHERS, Addison, IL -USA; and at the site: BIBLECOUNSEL.NET on the Internet. There may be such a gathering not too far from where you are.
   We need to value that revival of Church truth from God's recovery out of the tyranny of the Roman Catholic Religion up to 1500 AD, and the subseqent protestant sects then following what they had learned in a thousand years under the RC Religion influence. The so-called Brethren Movement is apart from the various denominated sects men have formed ---which sects are getting even more liberal in the world. We need worship together as God shows us in His Word. I hope you would agree with that need to maintain "unity of the faith" universal as God enjoins us.

   Your new home gathering surely would need to be conducted in a Godly way, and could even accomodate seekers who are not yet real "born again" believers in Jesus Christ (as John 3; John 14; etc.). That can be determined by asking what each visitor believes about our Creator-God, the Lord Jesus, and the Bible; and the regular format might be as follows:

1. REDEMPTION WAY: including the Gospel message of salvation for our soul by the coming and sacrifice of Jesus, the Christ of God, salvation by the new birth for real Bible believers, the judgments, heaven, hell, our spiritual need, and relationship with God; etc. ---as shown in the four GOSPELS;  
2. CHURCH TRUTH: which speaks of the collective worship, Bible studies, scriptural Christian testimony as "unity of the faith" worldwide, praise and general ministry, as shown in the book of ACTS and the EPISTLES, etc. All the saints of God everywhere need to be together in happy and Godly fellowship;  
3. SPIRITUAL LIFE: as our being a testimony everywhere, honoring God in our life and activities, serving others in a Godly way, and how to serve the Lord in various personal ways as possible as saints of God;  
4. BIBLE GENERAL: overview of God's Word, and can be studied to help acquaint all with God's "Word of Truth" as His testimony to man, in both the Old Testament concerning the religion of Israel foretelling of the coming Messiah, and New Testament to learn how God has FULFILLED His promise and blessings for Israel and communicated to mankind in general. A prepared outline for these studies might be better, I believe, so the participants can see the purpose in the home studies.  

   As the visitors gain understanding of what a truly scriptural assembly is according to the Word of God ---and as I mentioned before about that revival of Church truth in circa 1800 AD, your group there together might proceed to exam their collective understanding of Church; and then contact the nearest such Bible-Only fellowship worldwide known to all such saints, and ask for help to be recognized and brought together with them, in UNIVERSAL fellowship towards the "unity of the faith" as God has shown (e.g. Acts 2:1; Rom. 12:5; Rom. 16:5; 1 Cor. 12:25; Gal. 1:2-3; Phil.2:2; Phil. 4:22; etc.); and without taking a name and title. Write to  on the Internet for some Bible history, ministry and resources, and inquire also at the site on the Internet with any questions about this continuing Bible-only fellowship, and how to know contacts with established assemblies that might be supportive in your efforts there.  

   The fellowship should surely be about God's Word alone, without the various religious reasonings and inventions of men, and seek always to prove all things by "all the counsel of God" and "rightly dividing the Word of Truth" as God enjoins us; and should not become another denominational sect and independent fellowship with innovative thoughts beyond the Bible. Write me if you would like some help, as I have been a part of such Bible-only gatherings over many years. In time God may lead to see an assembly established there in fellowship with the biblical expression of the UNIVERSAL body of CHRIST, which many saints are enjoying together worldwide; that is what pleases God as the saints together all seek to support the "one body in Christ" everywhere, and apart from the denominational sects of men. This fellowship enjoys Bible conferences at times in many cities, and some youth and family summer camps and activities; and when traveling the saints can visit in various cities with faithful believers of one mind.  

   So, it would be important to not form more denominated sects, but embrace the UNITY God has provided as a worldwide fellowship (1 Cor. 12:25-27); and that too since all the saints of God will be TOGETHER AS ONE in Heaven in the future.   - RLD:  Cd-B; 04/19