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DO THE READERS KNOW of those believers in Christ holding that recovery of church truth in AD 1827--- endeavoring to continue the expression of the "one body in Christ" worldwide in the scriptural order, as intend -
ed by God for "unity of the faith"----rather than independency, mergers, and sectar-ianism?   Does one want to know?  Such a fellowship does exist today.  SEE THE SITE 
MANAGER for a brief history.
Some thoughts here especially for the faithful saints who value Bible-only , who earnestly desire to be faithful to our Lord and His Word (Mt.18:20; Acts 20:27).  See also other pages listed below for some thoughts.   Write to the Site Manager if one has questions or comments.   
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NOTE:  For the faithful gathered saints already in a scriptural assembly who would like to review related papers on our path,  they might see the page: Conditions And Comments -F12 , and may write for copies of papers.
Contact Site Manager with any questions.  

If the "Kingdom of Heaven" is like an OUTER CIRCLE of profession and honor to God and His ways, as we understand, and the "Kingdom of God" is like an INNER CIRCLE of posses-sion of Christ and the "new birth", then we might well look for a CENTER CIRCLE with-in of believers gathered around Christ and His Word for obedience and submission.  

This page speaks to those who value the fol-lowing G.R.E.A.T.W.A.Y:  Gathering with other saints to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ alone in love;  Receiving "all the counsel of God" and "rightly dividing the Word of Truth";  Expressing the "one body" of Christ in  the world;  Acknowledging the "priesthood" of all believers;  Trusting the Lord and keeping His Word;  Worshipping in devotion as pleases God;  Appreciating  God's assembly, order, and government;  Yielding to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

In anticipation of those who might have some objections, one ought to say: no one should  presume to boast of being in a center circle;  nevertheless, it remains and that should be the object and desire of faithful saints.


Finding A Scriptural Gathering
[Letter to a serious seeker about the Christian path]

Greetings friend:
   There are still some sound scriptural assemblies in various places in the world who are non-sectarian, by holding only to the WORD OF GOD rather than the innovations of men, and one may be near to you if you would be interested. They seek to honor the Lord and follow His Word closely, rather than sectarian ideas. They are often small faithful groups who meet in homes, until they grow large enough to need their own building, and are in fellowship with many such gatherings worldwide; and one can travel to visit other saints of likemind, and attend Bible conferences held in various cities. They are happy to meet other sincere seekers who have the same values ---"unity of the faith".  This universal fellowship has been "holding forth" over 190 years from that revival of BIBLE-ONLY for Church Truth in circa 1800 AD, which stood apart from the many sects of men; i.e those forming after the so-called Reformation time which had reached a climax of tyranny by the RC religion in circa 1500 AD. You can contact me personally if you would like to learn more of this.  

   These gatherings typically have a Bible reading on LORD'S DAY ---the resurrection day on first day of the week (and classes for children as needed);  and followed by a worship and Remembrance Meeting afterward at the Lord's Table (1 Cor. 10:21; 1 Cor. 11:23-27) for those who are gathered locally, or commended to them from elsewhere by a letter, as being faithful to "all the counsel of God"; however, ALL VISITORS are always welcome to come and observe, sing praises and enjoy the readings and Godly fellowship, until they desire and request to be also received into the universal fellowship to participate.  

   This is a gathering of true "born again" believers in the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3), who are part of that universal fellowship in the world without a name or creeds, rituals and innovations) from the revival of 1827 A.D. which seeks to be always "rightly dividing the Word of Truth" (2 Tim. 2:15). They are not another religious sect among others, for they hold to the Word of God ONLY ---as God ordained, and meet in simplicity like the biblical church, and expressing the truth of "unity of the Spirit" (something like the beginning form of Acts 2:41-42, and what we find in the Epistles in our Holy Bible concerning church truth). They take no name, except what God gives His church in His Word as "one body in Christ" (1 Cor. 12, etc.; and believe in the priesthood of "born again" believers (1 Pet. 2),  rather than have a hierarchy of men to preach and manage (as is the rule of the RC religion since  ---and copied by the sectarian spirit in christendom.  

   This fellowship stands apart from the various denominated sects with innovations formed by men; and it continues in fellowship with all scriptural assemblies elsewhere, toward "unity of the Faith" in the world as enjoined by God to hold "all the counsel of God".  Several elder brothers care for the local oversight and help the saints to maintain Godly order and be true to Scrip-ture as the "Word of Truth" shows us (not ruling, but as guides and helpers). 

   Each assembly as shown honors the other gatherings in the world, and commends visitors by letter as shown in the Bible in the early church as in Roman 16:1-2; I Cor. 1:1-2; 2 Cor. 10:18; Phil. 2:29; Phm. 10-16; etc.;   and they have Bible conferences in various cities. I am associated with them, and you can read some about this history and some church ministry at BIBLE TRUTH PUBLISHERS in Addison, IL . -USA.  Please also feel free to write me if you have questions or thoughts about it.  

   I know such a gathering is difficult for one to comprehend who comes from some denominated sect with their innovations, rituals, hierarchy, and practices to please men, but I find it does follow the Scriptures, and is closer to the Word than any assembly I have known in my many years of Christian sojourn. Keep in mind, friend, that the saints will all be together in Heaven, so today need to be that and by Bible-only, as God shows us. 
    - R.L.DeWitt: CL60; 05/11.