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DO THE READERS KNOW of those believers in Christ holding that recovery of church truth in 1827--- endeavoring to continue the expression of the "one body in Christ" worldwide in the scriptural order, as inten-
ted by God for "unity of the faith"----rather than independency, mergers, and sectarianism?   Does one want to know?   Such a fellowship does exist today.
Some thoughts here especially for the faithful saints who value Bible-only , who earnestly desire to be faithful to our Lord and His Word (Mt.18:20; Acts 20:27).  See also other pages listed below for some thoughts.   Write to the Site Manager if one has questions or comments.   
-  Bible Counsel:  Feature Page 13
NOTE:  For the faithful gathered saints already in a scriptural assembly who would like to review related papers on our path,  they might see the Conditions And Comments page, and may write for copies of papers.  It would not likely be understood or appreciated by other readers.  Contact Site Manager with any questions.  

If the "Kingdom of Heaven" is like an OUTER CIRCLE of profession and honor to God and His ways, as we understand, and the "Kingdom of God" is like an INNER CIRCLE of posses-sion of Christ and the "new birth", then we might well look for a CENTER CIRCLE with-in of believers gathered around Christ and His Word for obedience and submission.  

This page speaks to those who value the fol-lowing G.R.E.A.T.W.A.Y:  Gathering with other saints to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ alone in love;  Receiving "all the counsel of God" and "rightly dividing the Word of Truth";  Expressing the "one body" of Christ in  the world;  Acknowledging the "priesthood" of all believers;  Trusting the Lord and keeping His Word;  Worshipping in devotion as pleases God;  Appreciating  God's assembly, order, and government;  Yielding to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

In anticipation of those who might have some objections, one ought to say: no one should  presume to boast of being in a center circle;  nevertheless, it remains and that should be the object and desire of faithful saints.

Thoughts By R. DeWitt, 2006; add: 10/17
   Some of us are inclined to think we are living in the end of "the end times"---that time which began with the advent of Christ, when God had given the very best He had for mankind; that is, we expect the promised coming again of the Lord to be very soon ---and "of that day and hour knoweth no man" (Mt. 24:36); yet we might "...see the day approaching" (Heb. 10:25). As saints of God perceive that, we surely ought to feel an urgency to "hold forth" the gospel message of salvation, "hold fast" the truth of the Word, and "hold faith" to honor our Lord Jesus Christ. Do we have such an exercise of soul? Perhaps one has not felt any urgency to know and keep the Word of God and thus honor the Lord. We hope that is not so, for He deserves our full devotion.  

  If the Lord came again today, or one should die today, can one now say: I am ready to meet the Lord? How ready are any of us? This is not speaking only about the salvation of our soul to enter Heaven (which is essential), but also about living in conformity to the mind of God to please Him as shown in His Word ---having a clear conscience. We have to read the Word to know this, not just listen to various thoughts of men.  

  The end is coming, and a non-believer must be saved for Heaven before God shuts the door and it is forever too late ---as in the days of Noah (Gen.7:1; Mt.24: 37-39); and also the saints of God need to be walking in holiness and obeying the Lord for blessing and rewards, not following religious ideas of men. One who is saved ought to be full of joy and thankfulness to our Savior---showing love for the Son of God; love for the Word of God; love for the testimony of God; love for the people of God. Can we say "Amen" to that?

  Is one a child of God by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ? If one is a true believer ---a saint of God, is that one satisfied he or she is keeping God's Word and going on here faithfully as God expects of His children? If believers are not going on in the way pleasing to God we will surely forfeit much at the judgment time in Heaven. One can be sure of that. That ought to greatly concern us, and move saints to study God's Word and worship the Lord. Is one daily in communion with Christ, or is one just following religious ways and interests?

  The challenge for professing Christians concerns two essential things: doing a regular and progressive Bible study with the help of godly saints, rather than only listening to some one read a verse or two ---which sometimes misses the overall truth of the Word; and one needs to be worshipping the Lord individually and collectively according as He gave us to do, rather than enjoying religious entertainment, programs, and practicing religious ceremonies and traditions many hold in the name of worship?  

  Know this, dear friends: that every real believer will give account of himself at the "judgment seat of Christ" (see Matt.12:36; Rom.14:10-12; Heb.9:27; 1 Pet. 4:17-18)! Those who are not real believers and saved will not be in Heaven (though they may have a religion), but will stand at the judgment of the "great white throne" in Hades and be sent to Hell (Rev.20:11-15). Is it not now "time to awake out of sleep" (Rom. 13:11), receive God's Son, and live for Him? 
When the Lord Jesus was rejected and laid down His life for sinful mankind on the cross, the story of man from the beginning began to be “the end times”. Some of us see it now spiraling downward as a rapidly increasing vortex, as world conditions move further from God and conditions become more violent, immoral, and permissive. The trend among men is increasing insurrection, seeking greater liberties and entertainment; no restraint, order, or responsibility, and indifference or rejection of God's standards. Such rebellion will likely end in anarchy for such nations, and the ways of man will not go unnoticed by our Creator.  

In our present time we also see population growth stressing resources and economies failing in the world; also, more extreme weather and upheavals in the earth. Truly judgment and the foretold tribulation time appears to be coming, and with these present signs the end seems very near. Look up! - RLD: RP03.


ADDENDUM: An anonymous one has stated this on the Internet 2014 : "We who have been Christians for a number of decades have wondered what the beginning of the end would look like. I realize that other generations may have thought they were seeing the end. Compare the Nazis to the radical Muslims. There is a great similarity and those were frightening times. The difference today is the almost complete collapse of morality. With the help of liberal agendas (everything from making abortion legal to making it illegal to honor God in government and public institutions), we have a generation of young people who go off to college and come back "radicalized" by liberal professors. In WWII we were a nation who had some morals and we were united in our fight against Nazism. We have governments in recent times which are at odds with almost everything that is moral and good, and at least half the nation is following this into that abyss. We see young people interviewed on the street and they are completely ignorant about Christianity, about our nation's history, and about how this nation is supposed to be governed. I don't know but I think we may be the generation that IS seeing the beginning of the end. More and more, we who are conservative Christians need to support each other as things are probably going to get much worse. We shouldn't get caught off guard. Some of us have talked about the end times for so long, we are weary from all the predictions but we don't want to fall asleep. We need to put on the "Whole armor of God" in preparation for what may be coming."