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Greetings, friend: 
      With regard to your note about our present condition in christendom, I have,like many other Christians, also been concerned about this trend as I also hear from others. It is more than liberals versus conservatives (we have always had them as God created for a balance, I believe ---and both are sinners and need the Savior). I agree we are seeing much of moral decline and social indulgence rapidly worsening in the free world, but I see it also somewhat manifested in christendom (profession of God).   It really appears we are seeing Satan being more active now as he sees his end approaching ---as shown in the Book of Revelation, and many professing Christians seem to want God's blessings, but continue in the flesh in the world. This is due, I feel sure, to the professors being without the new birth (John 3). A devoted "child of God" will seek to honor and obey the Lord by His holy Word. It often seems Satan somewhat reigns now over mankind ---even the professors of God (note 2 Cor. 4:3-4). We are, and will no doubt be bearing the consequences of these choices, even somewhat like Israel did who rejected God, to have a king like other nations as they said, and they came to regret that. 

      Many of the so-called Christian nations have become more immoral, ungodly, liberal and self-indulgent, I see; and like Israel in Old Testament times, it is what self-indulgent people want regardless of the cost and good for our future.  Israel rejected God and His offer of grace to become a holy priesthood nation (see Ex. 19: 3-8) and said just tell us your laws and we will do them all, so they were brought under the Law of God --which they could not keep; and they cried for a king like all the other lands (note 1 Sam. 8:4-22). They loved King Saul at first ---who was viewed as "a choice young man and a goodly", but they suffered for a long time under him, who was a false believer and a renegade before God. Later Israel continued over time in their rebellion and God scattered them in the world. Their present return to the land which God allowed, is a preparation for their ultimate test: "what think ye of Christ"?

      I believe we are fast approaching the end of this age of Grace, friend. We cannot say with any certainty what and when the end for this world will be, but one has noted the prophetic end picture of "a great mountain (nation) burning (judgment), falling into the sea (the populace)" --Rev. 8, which sounds in type somewhat like a great nation failing under anarchy, which is quite realistic. 

      So, dear friend, it appears things are happening now worldwide that are extreme in every way, I see ---even the weather and climate (which likely is some of the wrath of God to warn and get our attention), and the failing resources by man's failures, and violence and immorality. I would not be surprised to know the "man of sin" ---the political Beast of the biblical Tribulation time, is now living in the world and ready to take charge when he is allowed. Christians need to be faithful to our Creator-God. You and I cannot stem the tide of evil, yet need to stand clear of it, and just need to be a good witness and live righteously before "Jesus, the Christ of God"(Luke 9:20). The ungodly world may then observe His testimony for their good. What a glorious prospect is before us who know our Lord and Redeemer!  He will come "in the clouds" for us who trust Him, and perhaps sooner than we know, I believe. 

      Well, I won't elaborate here ---and I don't know for sure anything more than what the Word of God shows, and we are surely limited in what we can do without God's great salvation in His "...beloved Son". Only God knows the end, so let us be reading His Word!   -RLD: Gd; 07/14; add 12/19.