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SPIRITUAL  LIFE   about worship --- F15;   the love of God; devotion; maturity in faith; trials; grace; peace and joy; holiness;  communion;  charity,  service;  the Lord's glory and praise;  etc. 

GENERAL MINISTRY  about the Creator-God; Trinity; Bible overview; God's plan; Bible subjects;  the OT & NT; Christianity; sects and cults;  God's honor; etc.

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WELCOME HERE FRIENDS!   It is hoped you will find this site to be very helpful, and will see the INDEX for many papers on Bible truths to help. 
All questions and comments are welcome and held confidential  (send e-mail:    This web site is non-sectarian ministry to encourage the reading of God's Word, and for serious seeking after truth.  It values God's work of revival in the early 1800's, with which it is associated, and urges readers to learn about it (see Church Truth page and Feature pages above). It is always the desire and hope here to obey and honor our Lord, and encourage and seek the spiritual welfare of all people.  WE NEED TO SERVE AS  "ONE BODY" IN  CHRIST in the world (note 1 Cor. 12:25)!   No thought here is to condemn personal faith,  for each  one must look to God in their personal life,  but  this speaks to the ESSENCE of biblical  Christianity,  which is  BIBLE  ONLY  ---apart from man's reasonings and innovations;  and   addresses   Redemption Way;  Church Truth;  Spiritual Life;  and Bible overview  to maintain the balance in the faith.  It is what God has intended for  His collective testimony in this world.  We need "all the counsel of God" as God enjoins us,  and we need to encourage all souls to embrace all these things.

Everyone may participate in the ministry of this web site, by telling their friends to visit here.  We hope all will find some ministry to help, and perhaps a nice challenge for their faith. Surely "the time is short", as God says, and surely we need to also "be about (our) Father's business".  See the message and testimony at Site Manager Page.  The writer does not have all answers, but will be glad to share what has been learned over many years.  Questions and contrary views in a helpful way are appreciated.
NOTE:   Papers and comments here are changed periodically, and are personal convictions.  Serious seekers after CHURCH  testimony might well see Christian Assembly pages: F4 & F5 here.    There are many pages for help and encouragement --- SEE INDEX ABOVE FOR A BIBLE STUDY --F8.   The manager may not have answers for all questions, but is glad to share what he has and be of some help. He is not perfect and revisions and updates seem needed at times to clarify thoughts, so one might note the revision date on any papers they wish to copy.  Any copies made should not be altered or taken out of context.  Any questions are welcome, and we can only share what we feel led to send forth for consideration --may God help us! 

   "A true  and faithful believer in the Lord Jesus Christ,  will walk with Him in trust and  devotion;  and talk with Him daily, until 
that day when one can see Him and be with Him  forever, in the Father's house  in Heaven."   
Meditate On All  F Series Above
The Lord Jesus said:  "search the Scriptures;  for in them ye think ye have eternal life;  and they are that which testify  of Me" (John 5:39) --- note His further statements as a caution, and our hope.


In all manner of life the true saints of God should have a bearing of holiness, for redeemed souls are made HOLY by the Spirit ( see Rom. 12:1; Eph.4:24; Heb.12:14; I Pet.1:15-16) ---a Middle-English word: hol = whole; pure quality. A true "born again" saint (as John 3 in the Holy Bible shows) has a spiritual standing or position in 'holiness' because of the work of Christ on the cross, and we are then exhorted to be that in character and spiritual state. It will produce 'godliness'. Perhaps we can say, HOLINESS is more the  privilege and what we are and should hold and value (as a "child of God") ---God's reasonable expectation;  and GODLINESS is more our testimony and what we show and do. Certainly, holiness speaks of our pure sincerity before God.

HOLINESS for man has been defined by scholars as 'a Godly nature which delights in purity and abhors evil'. All true believers have this conviction in some degree. GODLINESS shows forth that in a God-like way as true to Holy Scripture.  These are obtained by receiving God's "so great salvation" in His "beloved Son" ---the Lord Jesus: "the Christ of God".

The priesthood of all believers suggests holiness. The manner of a priest in the temple of old was always with remembrance of his calling and responsibility before the Lord.  Nothing of the world or the flesh could enter in, and this ought to speak to us of our "holy priesthood" in our temple (our lives) before the Lord (I Pet.2:5). We ought to be sober and not talk like the world, act like the world, look like the world, or allow the flesh to manifest itself to affect our testimony. The flesh certainly has no place in church meetings, and the saints must take care to allow it no place. 

One might think that 'sobriety' suggests sternness and coldness, but the references to being sober in the Word of God speaks of being serious, and is the opposite of hilarity and foolishness, not a reference to sternness. It suggests that one should have control of his spirit (I Cor.14:32-33),  and Joy, peace, and love ought to be manifested.

Our "royal priesthood" speaks of representing Christ in the world (I Pet.2:9), and here we ought to honor the Lord and show holiness in our manner before those who will judge us as a testimony. Godliness (or God likeness) in our ways will manifest a state of holiness (purity --2 Cor. 7:1;  1 Thess. 3:13).

APPEARANCES often reflect what is in the heart, and our attire might show indifference to our holy calling. Careless dress is dishonoring to the Lord. A saint who would attend a wedding,  a funeral, or come before a dignitary in proper attire, surely should not come to the table of the Lord in less suitable apparel. Tight fitting clothes that reveal and show off the body, or clothes with worldly pictures and advertisements are quite likely offensive to God. Old and worn clothes should only be expected on those who cannot afford anything else. Is a wedding more worthy of our good appearance than the assembly meetings with the Lord "in the midst" ? How should one come before a dignitary (note Matt. 22: 11-12) ?  A priest ought to be mindful of his garments.  

CONVERSATION might be difficult to control, for the tongue is an "unruly evil" (James 3:8-10); nevertheless, we ought to judge ourselves that only that which is edifying should be spoken. Loose and foolish talk paves the way for other dishonorable things to come forth.

BEHAVIOR is like our manner of speech, and should be circumspect (Eph.5:15-21). The apostle, Paul, exhorted the saints to "abstain from all appearance of evil" (I Thess.5:22). We might feel at liberty to do some thing, but if our behavior might stumble one or dishonor God we should change our ways (Rom. 14). In all things we need to show reverence to God and humble ourselves (see Psa. 89:7).

THOUGHTS might seem to be a private matter, but not before the Lord, and neither is it private if it leads to action (Rom.14:7). Thoughts can be edifying or corrupting. Satan works on our thoughts and urges us to sinful action. Unholy thoughts must be judged quickly, lest Satan should get advantage of us. We must also watch what we hold in our heart, for "out of it are the issues of life" (Prov.4: 23).       - R. L. D.; SS1; 12/1997, rev. 03/2021.

One will hear teaching and diverse ministry along our pathway from many sources . One should always test it by the Word of God (see John 5:39; Acts 17:11; II Tim.2:15; II Tim.3:16; Titus 1:9). Whether it is profitable often depends, too, on our state of soul. This paper is prepared with much care and prayer to be a help and honor the Lord. Comments and questions are welcome.
A Bible search will show that EASTER means PASSOVER, and refers to the Creator- God preserving and passing over the saints of Israel in their bondage in Egypt, to kill all the firstborn of Egyptians for their cruelty and persecutions of the Israelites; and it speaks prophetically of the coming of their Messiah --OUR Lord Jesus-the Christ of God today, who came and is even now redeeming souls from the bondage of sin and eternal judgment; and will yet come again to bring sever judgment on this Christ ---- rejecting world. It NEVER was about 'eggs', 'chickens', 'rabbits', etc. as the Christ--hating world honors today in April.     - Sd: 03/26;2021 -RLD